Genshin Impact Luhua Pool Puzzle Solution - Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula Achievement

Luhua Pool puzzle is one of the challenges you’ll face in Genshin Impact. If you manage to solve it, you’ll gain access to the Voyage to the Sanguine Sky, a level 60 domain. You’ll also unlock the Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula achievement. However, the puzzle is far from intuitive, and lots of folks are having trouble solving it. If you’re among those who’ve hit a wall here, this guide will show you the Genshin Impact Luhua Pool puzzle solution, to help you get the trophy and unlock the domain.

genshin impact luhua pool puzzle solution hidden palace of guizang formula
Genshin Impact Luhua Pool Puzzle Solution – Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula Achievement

How to solve Luhua Pool puzzle?

Once you get to the pool, head to the circular platform in the middle of the lake. You’ll notice a shield that won’t let you drop down into the well, and a dominion gate below it. In order to open it, you’ll have to interact with the seal on the ground, then activate the fire element switches around the hole in the correct order. You’ll need a fire character for this, someone like Amber.

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You only need to activate the nodes in front of the three big pillars – the others don’t matter. Activate the one in the middle first, then the one on the right, and finally the left one.

Once you’ve done that, the shield will disappear, letting you glide down to the dominion gate. The round sigil in front of it activates a wind tunnel, which allows you to get back out without teleporting away. When you reach the ground, you’ll also unlock the Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula.

The dominion you’ll unlock is called Voyage to the Sanguine Sky, and you can visit it when you reach adventure rank 30. The recommended party level is 60, and you’ll need pyro, electro, cryo and anemo elements if you want to clear it.

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