Genshin Impact Geovishap Hatchling Locations

Geovishap Hatchlings in Genshin Impact are monsters that you have to find and defeat in order to get the Fragile Bone Shards, which are necessary to ascend some of your characters above the Level 20 cap. The problem there is that Genshin Impact Geovishap Hatclings don’t exactly grow on trees. So, figuring out where to find them is going to become a priority for you at some point. TO help you out, here’s our Genshin Impact Geovishap Hatchling Locations guide.

genshin impact geovishap hatchling locations
Genshin Impact Geovishap Hatchling Locations

Where to Find Geovishap Hatchling Locations in Genshin Impact – Fragile Bone Shard

To find the Geovishap Hatchling locations in Genshin Impact and get the Fragile Bone Shards for character ascensions, you should look in Tianqui Valley. Specifically, we found them near the teleport Waypoint in the east of the valley. They’re just rolling along, being absolutely adorable. So, naturally, your task is to murder the ever-loving bajeezus outta them. Life is cruel that way. You need those bone shards in order to break the Level 20 cap, and no amount of cuteness is gonna come in your way, now, is it?

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Now, the Genshin Impact Geovishap Hatchlings we ran into were at Level 19, so nothing really to sneeze at. They don’t exactly go down easy, so do exercise some caution when fighting them. When they die, they’ll drop the Fragile Bone Shards, which is what you’re after. Also, odds are that this is not the only location where Geovishap Hatchlings appear. If you know of any other places where you can find them, by all means, let us know in the comments below.

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