Marvelous Merchandise Genshin Impact Location

Marvelous Merchandise is a new, limited time event in Genshin Impact. While it’s on, a new vendor called Liben will appear in different places each day, asking you to bring him various items. For each batch you bring him, you’ll get the chance to open a box o’ marvels, containing different rewards. You’ll get a hint pointing you towards his location each day, but in case that hint is not enough, this guide will show you Genshin Impact Marvelous Merchandise locations.

marvelous merchandise genshin impact locations guide
Marvelous Merchandise Genshin Impact Location

Marvelous merchandise location – October 26th

The first day’s hint says he’s “inside Mondstadt”. You won’t have to look very far – he’s near the gate, across the road from Flora‘s flower stand. Talk to him, and he’ll ask you to bring him mushrooms. They’re a common item found across the world, but you may have just spent your entire stock on making some delicious food. If that’s the case, check out our mushroom locations guide to see where to find some more.

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Marvelous merchandise vendor location – October 27th

The second day’s hint says he’s “in the vicinity of Springvale”. He’s actually in the village itself, in front of the last house on the left, if you’re coming from the waypoint. This time, he asks for pinecones. Since there’s little use for them, you probably have a whole bunch of them stashed in your bag already.

The rewards from the boxes of marvels aren’t that marvelous, if we’re being honest. Some primogems, a handful of experience, maybe some weapon enhancement crystals. But they’re still orders of magnitude better than what you put in. Let’s just hope he keeps asking for equally inconsequential items for the rest of the event.

We’ll update this guide daily with new locations of Liben the merchant, so check back whenever you have trouble finding him.

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