Genshin Impact Flighty Flora and Flora Bugged Quest

Flighty Flora… and Flora is a side quest in Genshin Impact. In it, Flora the florist from Mondstadt will ask you to get her some dandelion seeds. It can be a bit problematic if you still haven’t figured out how to harvest the seeds from a dandelion flower, but it is also sometimes made more difficult by persistent bugs. Our Genshin Impact Flighty Flora and Flora bugged quest guide will show you a list of known issues, and how tfix them when possible.

genshin impact flighty flora and flora bugged quest
Genshin Impact Flighty Flora and Flora Bugged Quest

First of all, to even consider completing the quest, you’ll need to get some dandelion seeds. It’s pretty easy – you just have to use the Anemo skill on them to break the flowers and get to the seed.

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Flora invisible, isn’t at the stall

A number of people have complained about Flora disappearing or being invisible when they try to bring her the seeds. This isn’t a bug – Flora is only at her stall during the day. If it’s night time, use the clock to advance the time until morning, and she’ll appear in her usual spot.

Can’t give flowers to Flora

Some players have mentioned being unable to give the flowers to her after they’ve collected them. This appears to be a widespread issue, and there seems to be no way around it. You might try restarting the game, but there’s no guarantee it’ll work. Our advice would be to leave the quest and do something else until the developers work out a solution.

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