Minacious Isle Upside Down Barrier Chest Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact Upside Down chest is a treasure chest that you can find on Minacious Isle. The trick is that you have to solve a little puzzle in order to reach it, since it’s hanging from the bottom of a platform. It might seem like there are ten steps to get through the barrier or something, but it is actually incredibly simple. We’ll show you how to get the Genshin Impact Minacious Isle Upside Down Barrier chest in this guide.

minacious isle upside down barrier chest genshin impact
Minacious Isle Upside Down Barrier Chest Genshin Impact

How to Get Genshin Impact Upside Down Barrier Chest on Minacious Isle

To get the Upside Down Barrier chest on Minacious Isle in Genshin Impact, you have to solve a really, really easy puzzle. If you look at the ground directly below the chest, you’ll see what looks like a big, four-leaf clover with a pinwheel. All you need to do is activate that pinwheel to create a gust of wind. How do you do that? Well, take a wind character (any will do; we just happened to use Jean), and use a wind attack on the pinwheel. This makes an upward stream of air appear, and you have to ride it to the top and open the chest. Easy-peasy. For those of you that don’t know where this chest is in the first place, we’ve included a map below.

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So, that’s how you open the Genshin Impact Minacious Isle Upside Down Barrier chest. Again, the solution is very, very simple puzzle. You just have to keep an eye out for the clover-pinwheel thing and know how to activate it. The chest in question is an Exquisite Chest, by the way, and it drops some pretty solid rewards. If you’re having trouble with anything else in the Midsummer content, check out some of our other guides, such as Head up the Mountain Searching for Clues, Maguu Kenki Boss Location & How to Defeat, and Minacious Isle Puzzles – Hymnal Rotating Ring Chest.

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