Genshin Impact Rock Sound Puzzle - Broken Isle

The Genshin Impact Rock Sound puzzle on Broken Isle is an elaborate puzzle that you have to solve in order to get a whole bunch of cool loot. It might seem like the pillars are the only thing you have to interact with in order to solve the puzzle, but that’s not the case at all. It’s actually way bigger than that, and involves the five pools of water scattered all across the island. We’ll explain how to solve this puzzle in our Genshin Impact Rock Sound Puzzle – Broken Isle guide.

genshin impact rock sound puzzle broken isle
Genshin Impact Rock Sound Puzzle – Broken Isle

How to Solve Broken Isle Genshin Impact Rock Sound Puzzle

To solve the Rock Sound puzzle on Broken Isle in Genshin Impact, you first have to interact with the five pools of water scattered across the island. Specifically, you have to bring each of their water levels to a specific mark by stepping on nearby rocks. The left rock brings the level down, and the right brings it up. First up, the two pools in the west. In the northwest, bring the water to the middle mark. For the one in the west, break the blue crystal to bring the water in, and then leave it at the top mark.

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Now for the two pools in the east. For the northeast one, use elemental vision to see the rock barrier blocking the water. Break the barrier, and then drop down to the pool. Bring the water down to the bottom mark. Then, go to the one below, and bring the water to the middle.

Lastly, to start the process of solving the Broken Isle Genshin Impact Rock Sound puzzle, head to the pool in the middle of the island. Bring the water to the bottom mark. Now, you can actually complete the pillar puzzle, and here’s how.

where to find five pools broken isle puzzle solution
Lower the water level to the bottom

Broken Isle Rock Sound Puzzle Solution

The solution to the Genshin Impact Broken Isle Rock Sound puzzle is actually written right there on the pillars. I’m sure you’ve figured that out already and just didn’t know that the pools were a prerequisite for it. Basically, there are five rock-buttons on the ground that correspond to the five pillars. Each of the pillars has notches on the front, from one to five. Those notches represent the order in which you have to stand on the rocks. You can see the solution in the image below, if you need visual assistance. If you’ve done everything properly, three chests will appear behind you. Two of them will be Precious Chests, and one will be a Luxurious Chest. They are full to the brim with cool loot, so they’re well-worth all the effort.

musical pillars five pools genshin impact broken isle water level puzzle solution
Final puzzle solution
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