Genshin Impact Old Tastes Die Hard

Old Tastes Die Hard is a side quest in Genshin Impact. It takes place in Liyue, on a cliff near Luhua Pool, where you’ll meet a certain Mr. Zhu, anxious to have a taste of his favorite dish from way back when. He’ll ask you to cook the Sweet Mistress for him, and you might just get stuck looking for the recipe. If you do, this guide will help you complete Genshin Impact Old Tastes Die Hard by showing you exactly what to cook for Mr. Zhu.

genshin impact old tastes die hard sweet mistress
Genshin Impact Old Tastes

Sweet Mistress – Old Tastes Die Hard side quest

His request is pretty straightforward – he gives you the name of his favorite dish, and all you have to do is collect the ingredients and prepare it. Unlike the cook-off with Xiangling, it doesn’t even require an extinct species. So why are so many people having a hard time with it?

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Well, it turns out Mr. Zhu doesn’t know what his favorite dish is called. He’ll ask for a Sweet Mistress, and if you open up your cook book, you’ll notice there isn’t a recipe with that name. Turns out, what he actually needs is a Sweet Madame. It’s a pretty common dish, and you might already have some in your bag. If not, you can make it using two pieces of fowl and two sweet flowers.

Once you give Mr. Zhu the roasted chicken (which he likes so much he couldn’t be bothered to remember its proper name), he’ll teach you a new recipe, one for Zhongyuan Chop Suey. It’s a 3 star dish that reduces stamina consumption while climbing and sprinting by 15-25% for 900s, and it applies to the whole party. To make it, you’ll need three pieecs of raw meat, three pieces of fish, three bags of flower and two measuers of salt.

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