Genshin Impact Raw Meat - Little Chef on a Hunt Xianling Quest

Little Chef on a Hunt is a side quest in Genshin Impact. You can start it by talking to Xianling, by the side of the road in Springvale, south of Mondstadt. She’ll tell you all about her quest to become a better chef, and how she’s missing one particular ingredient – raw meat. You, being the Helpful Harriet you are, will offer to get the meat for her. Only you’ll soon realize that’s not as easy a task as you thought. If you’re having trouble completing the quest, this guide will show you how to get raw meat in Genshin Impact.

genshin impact raw meat little chef hunt xianling quest
Genshin Impact Raw Meat – Little Chef on a Hunt Xianling Quest

Where to find raw meat?

You can get raw meat by killing wild boars. There’s a bunch of them in the forest behind Xianling, so you won’t really have to look too hard. Each one you kill should drop two pieces of raw meat, so you’ll need to hunt down two to get enough to finish the quest.

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How to kill boar?

Getting the meat is easier said than done, though. The wild boar you need to hunt for it are extremely fast and skittish. As soon as they notice you, they’ll start running away. To make matters worse, if there’s a pack of them, they’ll disperse. This means area of effect attacks will be useless, and you’ll have a moment of confusion where you don’t really know which one to go after.

Before you start looking, we suggest you equip a bow or switch to a character that has one. It’ll make the hunt much easier, since you won’t have to approach the prey. Scout the area and try to spot them from a distance, as this will give you an advantage. You need to keep calm when they start running away, pick one and start spamming it with arrows.

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