Realm Layout Genshin Impact - Floating Abode, Emerald Peak, Cool Isle - Serenitea Pot

Floating Abode, Emerald Peak and Cool Isle are realm layouts that you can choose between when you first enter your Serenitea Pot. The one you choose will determine what the surroundings of your Genshin Impact home is going to look like. At the time of writing, there are only these three realms to choose between. Needless to say, this has caused a bunch of questions among the fan base. People are wondering which realm layout to choose, can they change their mind later on, what are the layouts like, and more. Well, that’s why we’ve put together our Realm Layout Genshin Impact – Floating Abode, Emerald Peak, Cool Isle guide.

realm layout genshin impact floating abode emerald peak cool isle
Realm Layout Genshin Impact – Floating Abode, Emerald Peak, Cool Isle

What Are Realm Layouts – Serenitea Pot in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact realm layouts are the different layouts for your Serenitea Pot abode. At the time of writing, you can pick between three layouts: Floating Abode, Emerald Peak, and Cool Isle. Whichever one you pick, don’t worry – it doesn’t gate you from anything else; it’s just a matter of what kind of background you prefer. Moreover, you can unlock the layouts you didn’t pick later on, but more on that later. But yeah, in short, the layout you pick is basically just window dressing, as far as we can tell. Feel free to correct me in the comments if that’s not the case.

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Floating Abode Realm Layout Genshin Impact

The Floating Abode realm layout is probably my personal favorite. Why? Because it’s an ethereal cluster of floating islands in the clouds, set to the backdrop of a pinkish-golden sky. It’s gorgeous and, as far as I’m concerned, it’s the ultimate way of fulfilling your castle-in-the-sky fantasy. Perfection.

Emerald Peak Realm Layout Genshin Impact

The Emerald Peak realm layout is my second-favorite place. As the name clearly implies, it’s a lovely mountain peak way high up. While the previous layout conveys a feeling of serenity, the mountain peak gives you safety. The sky is clear and pinkish-blue, and you can almost smell the mountain air. Yet another perfect place to build your fort, as far as I’m concerned.

Cool Isle Realm Layout Genshin Impact

While the Cool Isle is my least favorite realm layout, that doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful in its own way. I mean, it’s a tropical paradise. It’s an island with palm trees surrounded by the sea and blue skies. Those of you that want to find your peace in this kind of environment particularly peaceful will definitely want to go for this one.

How to Unlock Genshin Impact Realm Layouts

To unlock more realm layouts in Genshin Impact, you have to raise your Trust Rank in with Tubby. As far as we can tell so far, you do that by crafting pieces of furniture for the first time. Making multiples of the same piece does not seem to work the same way. Rasising your relationship level with Tubby is important not just for unlocking other layouts, but also Primogems and other furnishings and other stuff to make your castle the way you want it to be. One thing that you do have to keep in mind is that you need to pay Realm Currency to unlock the layouts; 1500 a pop is the number I’ve seen thrown around.

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