Tianqiu Treasure Trail - Follow the Treasure Map - Genshin Impact

Tianqiu Treasure Trail is a new world quest in Genshin Impact. It was added in update 1.3. It requires you to follow a treasure map, uncover clues and discover a treasure. When you complete it, you’ll get the Parametric Transformer, a new gadget that allows you to transmute materials into one another. If you’re having trouble with any of the steps, our Genshin Impact Tianqiu Treasure Trail quest guide will show you what to do.

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genshin impact tianqiu treasure trail follow the treasure map parametric transformer
Tianqiu Treasure Trail – Follow the Treasure Map – Genshin Impact

Follow the treasure map to find the treasure

First you need to talk to Lau, the quest giver. You’ll find him next to the Adventurer’s Guild kiosk in Liyue. He’ll send you a bit northwest from the city, to defeat a group of enemies. Once you’ve dealt with them, you’ll get the treasure map. It points to a spot at Dunyu Ruins, on the ridge north of the lake. Go there, and you’ll find a bunch of papers in the bushes.

This will mark three new areas on the map. Go to each and dig up a treasure chest. You’ll have to fight off enemies while you do, so make sure you’re prepared for combat. When you have all three, go back and talk to Lau, and he’ll give you the Parametric Transformer.

Parametric Transformer – how to use?

In order to use the Parametric Transformer, you first have to find the gadget in the inventory. Use the button in the lower right corner to place it, then exit the inventory and interact with it. You can then add materials of quality 150 or above to star the process. The transmutation progresses when you perform elemental attacks. Once the process is done, you have to wait seven days before using it again. So it’s useful, but you can’t spam it.


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