Rust Worn Key Location - Unlock Electroculus Gate - Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact Rust Worn Key is a secret item whose location is very hidden, and you need it in order to unlock the Electroculus Gate in Chinu Forest. Finding the rusty key is quite the stumbling block, because, in order to find it, you need to go through a quest chain in order to unlock its location. On the other hand, if you’ve somehow found the key before learning about the Electroculus Gate, you won’t know how to use it. That’s why we’ll cover both points in our Rust Worn Key Location – Unlock Electroculus Gate – Genshin Impact guide.

rust worn key location unlock electroculus gate genshin impact
Rust Worn Key Location – Unlock Electroculus Gate – Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Rust Worn Key Location – How to Unlock Electroculus Gate

To find the Rust Worn Key location and unlock the Electroculus Gate in Genshin Impact, the first thing you need to do is accept the world quest called “A Strange Story in Konda.” You get it from a woman in a kitsune mask standing next to a large statue north of Konda Village. Progress through the quest until you get to the step called “Head over the designated area recorder in the notebook” step. In the middle of the marked area, there’s a pile of rocks and wood surrounded by enemies. Dig in the middle of the debris to find the Old Key.

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Next up, follow the quest marker over to the old well in Konda Village and use the Old Key to unlock it. Drop down to the new area. Head down the corridor on the right, through the door partially blocked by roots. Follow the corridor until you get to a huge hole in the floor. Before dropping, head left to get an electrogranum, then drop down and through the barrier. Proceed into the shrine room, take another electrogranum, and then quickly climb through the barrier on the right. Go through the gate straight in front of you. The Rust Work Key location and your means to unlock the Electroculus Gate in Genshin Impact are now in your hands – the key is on one of the tables.

The only thing left to do is go and unlock the gate. It’s in the north part of the small pond in the west of Chinju Forest. If you need any visual assistance, our video below should be more than enough help. Good luck!

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