Genshin Impact Sabotage Slime Balloon Daily Commission

Sabotage the Slime Balloon is a daily commission in Genshin Impact. These are short quests that refresh daily – they’re mostly mundane, but they’re a great source of adventure EXP, so they’re worth doing even though they’re not the cream of the crop. This particular commission requires you to destroy a contraption transporting a giant slime down the river, while being assaulted by archers from all sides. If you’re having trouble completing it, this guide will show you how to finish Genshin Impact sabotage slime balloon daily commission easily.

genshin impact sabotage slime balloon daily commission
Genshin Impact Sabotage Slime Balloon Daily Commission

Stop the slime balloon from reaching its destination

Once you’re near the starting location, don’t just jump down and start whacking at the thing. The easiest way to destroy it is to equip a character who uses a bow, like Amber. If the bow and the character are beefed up, it’s going to be a lot easier. Either way, make sure you eat a dish that increases your attack – something like Qingce Stir Fry or Fried Radish Balls.

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When you fire the first shot, the balloon will start moving. The towers along the river will become populated by hilichurls with crossbows, and they’ll begin to protect the payload.

What you need to do is never stop moving. While drawing your bow, while aiming, while releasing the string – always stay on the move, and the hilichurls won’t be able to hit you. Keep this up as you go downstream, and use the towers and trees for cover whenever you can. Also, use your decoy skill to draw attention away from yourself often. We managed to destroy it after it flew over the bridge and down to Qingxu Pool.

As soon as you destroy the balloon, the commission will be over – all that’s left is to reap the rewards.

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    The problem is, I have my balloon quest in the canyon just above the Nantianmen and I can’t fire an arrow at it from above!

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