Cyberpunk 2077 SteelSeries Artist Peripherals Announced

SteelSeries is the official Cyberpunk and CDPR audio partner, according to them, so of course they’re going to be releasing more and more branded peripherals as we come ever closer to the game’s launch. They have now released they’re SteelSeries Limited Edition program, featuring new QcK mouse pads and Arctis Pro headsets. They all have designs based on major corporations in Cyberpunk 2077, like Militech and Arasaka. Cooler still is the Artist series, with designs from several artists.

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cyberpunk 2077 steelseries artist peripherals announced
Cyberpunk 2077 SteelSeries Artist Peripherals Announced

We’ve covered the initial announcement of the Cyberpunk Limited series peripherals in a previous article, so we’re not gonna spend too much time on them here. Basically, it’s just patterns evoking three major corporations: Arasaka, Militech, and Kang Tao. There’s also one more, which you can see in the image above, that’s more of a generic Cyberpunk 2077 design.

That’s all fine, and dandy, and also, quite boring. What’s way more interesting is the Artist series which, as we’ve said, features really cool images created by noted artists. The first one is a cartoony drawing by Lauren Asta, a traveling artist known for freestyle hand-painted illustrations, street art, murals, etc. It’s weird, colorful, and oddly funny.

lauren asta cyberpunk 2077 steelseries design
(click to enlarge)

The second design is by Dune Haggar, the man with the single coolest name ever. He does both digital and hand-drawn art, in which he creates “weird landscapes, characters, and themes, and then kicks them out of the house before it all gets too crazy.” We get to see one such nightmarish landscape in his SteelSeries design, which is the cutest representation of the hell pit that is Night City.

dune haggar steelseries cyberpunk 2077 design
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Last, but certainly, is Canadian artist Brock Hofer. Apparently, he’s been creating horrific monsters since a young age, and you can clearly see that in his SteelSeries Cyberpunk design. It’s certainly the most classically unsettling of the bunch. Incidentally, Brock Hofer is the creator of the Hyperbeast from CS:GO, so you know you’re in good hands.

brock hofer design cyberpunk 2077 steelseries
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So, there you have it. If any of these designs tickle your fancy, and you’re on the market for a new headset or mouse pad, head to the SteelSeries website and see what there is to see. They’re definitely all beautiful, vibrant and unique designs. The Artist series, I mean; I can take or leave the more “official” ones.

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