Scarab Locations Genshin Impact, Cyno Beetles

Now that the Genshin Impact 3.1 update has been released, a whole new area of the Sumeru region has been uncovered. This desert area is full of all sorts of Ancient Egyptian-themed influences, such as pyramids. And, naturally, this also sees the inclusion of one of the most famous symbols of Ancient Egypt – the Scarab beetle. This is one of the Ascension Materials for Cyno, the newly-introduced Polearm and Electro character. If you want to make the most out of him, you will need to get a lot of these Scarabs. To help you with this, we have made this guide in which we are going to show you all the map Scarab locations in Genshin Impact, so that you can easily and quickly find and collect these Cyno Beetles.

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Scarab Locations Genshin Impact, Cyno Beetles
Scarab Locations Genshin Impact, Cyno Beetles

Scarab Locations Map Genshin Impact, Where to Find Cyno Beetles

First, let’s see what these little critters look like and how you can tell them apart from the rest of the desert flora and fauna. They are brown and sand-colored insects with a single horn sprouting from their heads that looks similar to the one found on Rhinoceros Beetles. Also, they are often found pushing brown balls with their hind legs. Unlike other local specialties in the game, they can move around. Though, they don’t move very fast, so you should be able to find them near the spots that have been marked on the map. Speaking of which, let’s see the map itself, you can find it directly below in our screenshot gallery.

Since the Scarabs are very similarly colored to the desert, it can sometimes be difficult to find them at first glance – especially at night. But keep your eyes peeled for any bugs – particularly ones that are pushing a ball around – and you’ll soon find enough of these to ascend Cyno. Also, if you are having trouble finding one of Cyno’s other Ascension Materials, the Thunderclap Fruitcore, we have a Thunderclap Fruitcore Locations guide as well.

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