Genshin Impact Secret Island - Time And The Wind - Eye of the Storm

Secret Island in Genshin Impact is an island that doesn’t exist on the map and where the Time and The Wind secret side quest takes place, including the Eye of the Storm boss battle. Needless to say, the Time and The Wind quest in Genshin Impact presents a whole lot of problems for players. For example, where do I find the secret island in Genshin Impact, and how do I reach it? How do I complete the Time and the Wind quest? Where are the Clusters of Wind? How do I bear the Eye of the Storm boss? Well, we’ll be answering all of theses questions in our Genshin Impact Secret Island – Time And The Wind – Eye of the Storm guide.

genshin impact secret island time and the wind eye of the storm
Genshin Impact Secret Island – Time And The Wind – Eye of the Storm

How To Reach Genshin Impact Secret Island Location?

To reach the Genshin Impact secret island location, we recommend going to the Starfell Valley teleport waypoint just north of Starsnatch Cliff. Consult the map below to see exactly where to go. Once you get there, head west to the farthest edge that the beach goes, and head west. If you look into the distance, you can vaguely see the secret island. No way you’re swimming over there. What you have to do instead is to whip out Kaeya or some other ice-wielding character. Attack the water, and that’ll create the first step of an icy path. Rinse and repeat until you reach the island. It took us around eleven minutes, so arm yourself with a lot of patience.

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Time and the Wind Secret Island Quest in Genshin Impact – Cluster of Wind Locations

To start the Time and the Wind secret quest in Genshin Impact, approach the large, broken dial that dominates the area, and interact with it. Next, turn around, go southwest, and drop off the wall towards the ramshackle tent. Next to the tent, there’s a huge rock that you’ll have to break apart. Pick up the Ragged Notebook, then go back to the dial and turn the in-game clock to just after 2AM. Turn your back to the dial, and head straight towards the water. Turn right, and use your Elemental Sight to spot the Wind Orb. Break it.

Now, you have to break three more Wind Orbs. One of them is in the water way off to the left of the path leading to the sea. The second one is in the center of the arch jutting out of the water behind the dial. Wind Orb 3 is on top of the tall pillar to the right of the dial. Again, use the Elemental Sight to find them more easily. Once you destroy all three orbs, go to the “altar” in front of the dial and attack the wind deposit. Be careful, it can hit you if you come to close, and you can’t see it without Elemental Sight. Destroying the deposit summons the Eye of the Storm.

Eye of the Storm Genshin Impact

To defeat the Eye of the Storm in Genshin Impact Time And The Wind secret quest, you should use fire attacks. It seems to be very vulnerable to it. Exercise caution, because it is a very high-level enemy. When you beat it, the elemental will run away and create a gust of wind in the middle of the altar. Use your gliding to ride the gust all the way to the top, and then fly into the rings of wind. Hold down the glide to follow the path of rings. Don’t worry, it won’t run out. This will take you all the way back to the Thousand Winds Temple.

Once you get there, head to the red tent behind Henry Morton, and pick up the Thick Notebook. Go back to the dial like the one on the secret island and set the clock to just after 2AM again. Use Elemental Vision to spot the Wind Orbs. Destroy each one of them, but be careful, because each destroyed orb summons some blobs. When you destroy all the orbs, it’s time for round two with the Eye of the Storm. Defeat it, and report to Henry Morton to end the quest.

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