Skirmishers Genshin Impact - Recruit's, Sergeant's, Lieutenant's Insignia

Skirmishers are a type of boss in Genshin Impact. They usually come in pairs, and have varying abilities – some are damage dealers, other are support characters. They’re important because of the items they drop – the skirmishers are one of the sources of insignia. Depending on your and their level, they’ll drop recruit’s, sergeant’s or lieutenant’s insignia. You’ll need these items for character and weapon ascensions, so you’ll probably have to hunt down a fair few of them. If you’re having trouble locating them, this guide will show you where to find skirmishers in Genshin Impact.

skirmishers genshin impact recruits sergeants lieutenants insignia
Skirmishers Genshin Impact – Recruit’s, Sergeant’s, Lieutenant’s Insignia

Skirmisher locations

If you just want some insignia quickly, the best place to look is Galesong Hill. There are two locations where they usually spawn close to each other, near Dadaupa Gorge. One is east of the graveyard, the other west.

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There’s also one spot in the northwest of Stormterror Lair, and another in western Liyue, below the giant golden tree at Lingju Pass. You can always use the adventure log book’s navigate function to find more, once they appear in the boss list. They respawn every 12 hours, so it’s not like you can farm them extensively this way, but you can get a handful of insignia before having to take a break.

The higher tier insignia can be crafted by combining three of the lower tier ones at an alchemist, so you can use that method if you have an abundance of recruit insignia and you don’t need them in particular.

You’ll need all three kinds of insignia for the ascension of Diluc Ragnvindr – there’s mention of other characters that require them for the common material slot, but we haven’t encountered any of them yet. There are also several swords that require it, as well as a bow and polearm.

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