Stone of Remembrance - Nine Pillars of Peace Genshin Impact

Stone of Remembrance is a special item in Genshin Impact. It’s a key you can use to open the Pillars of Peace in Liyue. Getting it is a lot of work, and even after you’ve obtained it, you might have trouble figuring out how to use it. The game will just tell you to open the nine pillars, without explaining the procedure. Finding the pillars might also be an issue for some. Our Genshin Impact Stone of Remembrance guide will help you get the key, show you how to use it and where to find the nine pillars of peace.

stone of remembrance genshin impact
Stone of Remembrance – Nine Pillars of Peace Genshin Impact

How to get Stone of Remembrance?

To get the Stone of Remembrance, you’ll have to upgrade the Statues of The Seven in Liyue all the way. This means you’ll have to collect all 131 Geoculus collectibles. They’re the orange glowing orbs scattered around Liyue – not especially hard to find, but it’s a tedious task.

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How to open the nine pillars?

Once you have the Stone of Remembrance, go to a pillar and start scaling it. The exterior of each pillar is tiled, and one of the tiles is a glowing face. Get to that tile, and a prompt should appear, saying “Inlaid Stone of Remembrance”. You’ll be asked whether you want to use the stone to break the seal, and once you confirm, you’ll get the reward.

Nine Pillars of Peace Locations

All nine of the pillars are concentrated around Cuijue Slope, a location in the middle of Liyue. Once you get there, there’s practically no way to miss them – they’re fairly tall and visually striking.

Once you open all nine pillars by breaking the seal, the Nine Pillars of Peace quest will be marked as complete, and you’ll get your rewards.

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  1. S

    I just need to know where are the stones

    1. F

      You will get them from the statue of the seven when u upgrade it. You need to fully upgrade the geo statue to get all 9 stones

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