Genshin Impact Smiley Yanxiao Crazy Kitchen Bug Solutions

Smiley Yanxiao Crazy Kitchen quest in Genshin Impact has a few bugs and other problems that are causing headaches for players. The first one is a glitch where Smiley Yanxiao gets stuck under the ground, completely preventing any kind of progress in the mission. The second one is that the Genshin Impact Crazy Kitchen quests keeps timing out for players, due to its strict time limit and bad internet causing teleportation to reconnect. Fortunately, both of these things have solutions. We’ll present them to you in our Genshin Impact Smiley Yanxiao Crazy Kitchen Bug Solutions guide. One more problem you might encounter is when deciding what would Holderlin like to order and what would Caspar like to eat, so click on the link to read more about that.

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genshin impact smiley yanxiao crazy kitchen bug solutions
Genshin Impact Smiley Yanxiao Crazy Kitchen Bug Solutions

How to Fix Smiley Yanxiao Stuck Underground Genshin Impact Bug?

To fix the Genshin Impact Yanxiao Crazy Kitchen quest bug where Smiley Yanxiao gets stuck underground, the only thing we know that works is restarting the game completely. That’s the one thing that people have reported that gets rid of the issue. If you’re on PC, you might even consider exiting and restarting the client, too. Not that that will necessarily do anything more than just restarting the game, but hey, might as well give it a shot. If it doesn’t work the first time, give it a few more tries. Hopefully, the devs are going to patch this bug out soon and save us many a headache.

Yanxiao Crazy Kitchen Genshin Impact Quest Timing Out – How to Solve

To solve the problem where the Yanxiao Crazy Kitchen quest in Genshin Impact keeps timing out due to bad connection, you should do some preparations first. This issue plagues mainly mobile players, but can happen to anyone that’s having a poor internet day. What mainly causes headaches is that teleporting, which is key to finishing the quest in time, causes the game to keep reconnecting.

So, before even starting the quest, go to Second Life in the south of Liyue Harbor. Purchase three portions of rice, and the same amount of tofu and almonds from Dongsheng. This will shave off precious seconds for you, and it’s the only thing that you can acquire outside of the quest. From there, talk to Smiley Yanxiao, start the quest, and proceed as normal. With a little luck, you’ll pull it off.

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