What Would Holden Like to Order & Casper Like to Eat Genshin Impact

What would Holderlin like to order and Caspar like to eat in Genshin Impact is a question you’ll have to answer during the Yanxiao’s Crazy Kitchen quest. They are two guests in the restaurant, and you have to relay their orders correctly to Smiley Yanxiao. The problem is that Caspar and Holderlin don’t state their orders directly, you have to kinda read between the lines. Since this quest has a time limit, you might miss what they were saying and get the answers wrong. To prevent that, here’s our What Would Holden Like to Order & Casper Like to Eat Genshin Impact guide.

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what would holden like to order & casper like to eat genshin impact
What Would Holden Like to Order & Casper Like to Eat Genshin Impact

What Would Holderlin Like to Order

Horderlin would like to order Vegetarian Abalone. In case you don’t remember what he said, he mentioned that we would like to try something vegetarian that tastes like seafood. So, he’s staying away from meat, and there’s only one recipe that has vegetarian in the name – the Abalone. So, that’s what you should choose when Smiley Yanxiao asks you what Horderlin would like to order. The choice is kinda obvious, but if you’re just rushing through the dialogue to meet the time limit, you can easily miss it. That’s the maion trapping of this quest, when you get down to brass tacks.

What Would Caspar Like to Eat in Genshin

Caspar would like to eat Jueyun Chili Chicken. To paraphrase Caspar’s words: “I don’t want seafood, I’ve had a lot of it lately. Some fowl would be nice.” The only dish that you can choose that actually contains any kind of fowl is the Chili Chicken. Also, don’t let the fact that Caspar ends his order by saying something like “I’ll take whatever you recommend.” He wants fowl, so that’s exactly what he should get.

So, now that you know what both Holderling and Caspar want to eat in the Genshin Impact Yanxiao’s Crazy Kitchen quest, go back and report to Smiley Yanxiao. Make sure you get the orders right, and proceed with the quest normally. If you come across any other problems, check out our Smiley Yanxiao Crazy Kitchen Bug Solutions guide, you might find it useful.

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