Genshin Impact Windblume Flower Choice -Solve the issue of the disorderly wind currents in the ruins

Dream of Wind and Flowers is the first quest of the last Act of the Windblume festival event. You have been chosen as the Windblume Star for your contributions to Mondstadt. Your first task is to make a Windblume flower choice and offer a flower to the Anemo Archon, Barbatos. We’ll walk you through the Dream of Wind and Flowers quest and answer which flower to pick as the Windblume offering, how to solve the issue of the disorderly wind currents in the ruins and complete this Genshin Impact special quest.

dream of wind and flowers genshin impact

Dream of Wind and Flowers – Genshin Impact Windblume Flower Choice?

You can pick any flower you like, but preferably the one you have in your inventory already. At the beginning of Act IV you are asked to pick a Windblume offering in a form of a flower. You can choose between a Dandelion, Windwheel Aster, Cecilia, Small Lamp Grass, Sweet Flower or Wolfhook. Whichever flower you choose you will have to have it in your inventory if you want to continue the quest immediately. Otherwise you will heave to go fetch some flower seeds. Dandelion can be found in front of the front gates of Mondstadt. Cecilias can be found on a hill east of the city. Windwheel Aster is locatred at the Windrise Statue of the Seven. Maybe Windwheel Aster is the most appropriate flower, because it grows near Venti’s favorite tree? Have the seed of the flower you chose in your inventory and then make the offering at the plaza to continue the story.

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Solve the issue of the disorderly wind currents in the ruins

It is time to revisit the Stormterror’s lair. Teleport next to the quest marker and then a new one shall appear after a short conversation. Follow the new quest marker and you will see several enemies standing around an impenetrable barrier with several wind totems. Your goal here is to kill all the enemies around the force field. This should disable the force field. Now, activate the cube to see the proper order for you to activate the wind totems. If you missed something, screenshot below shows the correct sequence (center, right, left). Time to talk to Tone-deaf Bard. He is at the entrance into Stormterror’s lair.

Dream of Wind and Flowers Solve the issue of the disorderly wind currents in the ruins Genshin Impact

Once done talking to Venti you’ll have more knowledge of the Windblume offering. Windblume, turns out, means something unique to each person and there was no correct choice of flower to offer. The word Windblume dates back in history when it was a code for people to mount resistance in secret. Windblume represents freedom. Appropriate for the City of Freedom, isn’t it?

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