Stellar Reunion Genshin Impact 2.1

Stellar Reunion in Genshin Impact won’t be working properly for some Travelers in the near future. This is because the developers will be working on it as a part of the upcoming Update 2.1. During this time, Stellar Reunion won’t be available for certain players. It’s a bit confusing, and that’s why we’ve written our Stellar Reunion Genshin Impact 2.1 guide to explain what’s going on.

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Stellar Reunion Genshin Impact 2.1

Genshin Impact Stellar Reunion 2.1

The Stellar Reunion event in Genshin Impact is going to get some updates once version 2.1 comes out. That’s the good news. The less-than-ideal news is that Stellar Reunion will not be available for some people while the developers work on it. Those of you that enable Stellar Reunion before maintenance starts will not be affected, but those of you that meet the conditions after maintenance begins will remain locked out. Don’t worry, though; the devs have your back.

From August 23rd at 6AM local time, all players that meet the following conditions will get access to Stellar Reunion after the Update drops an Adventure Rank of 10 and above, at least 14 days since last login, over 45 days since last activating Stellar Reunion, failed to activate Stellar reunion due to maintenance. Once the update is done, though, things go more or less back to normal, and the requirements you need to meet will just be the first three.

The devs have also announced a few more steps to cover up for the maintenance. Genshin Impact Stellar Reunion 2.1 will last for an extra 14 days after activation. During the first four days after unlocking Homeward Path, new missions will unlock every day at 4AM local time. Lastly, they’ll readjust so you can obtain 21 opportunities to gain double drops during the event, and you’ll be able to use it up to three times a day. These also refresh at 4AM local time. So, yeah; if you find yourself not being able to activate Stellar Reunion in the coming days, that’s why.

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