Sweet Cider Lake Recipe Genshin Impact

A brand-new event is currently underway in Genshin Impact. Called “Of Drink A-Dreaming”, in this event, you will take on the role and responsibilities of a bartender. Naturally, this includes mixing and serving all sorts of drinks. There are a total of 21 recipes you can unlock, and you will need to make every drink at least once in order to get all the rewards possible from this event. Every drink has three ingredients, and you will need to first unlock its recipe (by successfully mixing other drinks first) to make it. One such drink is named Sweet Cider Lake, and we will show you its recipe in Genshin Impact.

Sweet Cider Lake Recipe Genshin Impact

How to Make Sweet Cider Lake Genshin Impact

There are four different drink types you can make here. Coffee-based, Tea-based, Juice-based, and Blend recipes. Sweet Cider Lake is a Juice drink. This means that at least one of its ingredients will be Juice. Let’s see if its description will give us more insight into its other ingredients: “Milk is added to fruit juice in many tiny batches up to a certain ratio. The sweet juice and the smooth mouthfeel are a fine match for one another indeed.” So, it’s obvious that the other ingredient here is Milk. But how much Juice and how much Milk should you add? Remember, each recipe requires three ingredients.

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To save you the experimentation with these ingredients you would have needed to do here, let’s see the exact recipe. So, without further ado, the recipe for Sweet Cider Lake is: x1 Juice and x2 Milk. Have fun making – and serving – it. If you are interested in any other of the twenty-one recipes featured in this event, we have the entire recipe list right here. This will make completing the entire event and getting all the prizes much easier.

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