Pokemon Unite Insufficient Storage Error Fix

The Pokemon Unite Insufficient Storage error fix has been a matter of some interest recently. It seems to be hitting Nintendo Switch players pretty hard. What happens is, people can’t play the game properly / download the latest patch because the game believes that the console doesn’t have enough storage space. Even though there absolutely is. So, what can you do about it? Well, let’s find out!

pokemon unite insufficient storage error fix
Pokemon Unite Insufficient Storage Error Fix

How to Fix Insufficient Storage Pokemon Unite Error

To fix the Insufficient Device Storage error in Pokemon Unite, there are several things you can do. First off, you need to check whether you actually have enough space to house the game. On Switch, go into System Settings, then continue to Data Management, and take a look. If you are short on memory, then your course of action is clear. Delete something unwanted and retry the download. If that doesn’t work, or you have enough space but the update won’t download, here are your next options.

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If you’re on the Switch, your second course of action is to highlight the game on the home screen. Press the “+” button, head over to Data Management and select “Archive Software.” Now, go back to the Home screen and interact with the Pokemon Unite icon on the home screen to reinstall it. Last, but not least, there’s the nuclear option. The Pokemon Unite Insufficient Storage error fix that has worked for a number of people is to just uninstall and reinstall the game. It is arguably the most annoying option, but it seems to work pretty well.

The last fix should also work if this issue crops up on mobile. However, at the moment, it seems that the error mostly affects people on Switch. That’s why we’ve focused most on that platform in the guide. Other than these three options, the only thing you can really do is wait for the developers to swoop in and fix the bug. Hopefully, they’ll be able to reign the glitch in as soon as possible.

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