Genshin Impact Thoma Hangout - All Endings

Among the many new additions that Genshin Impact 2.2 has added is the new Hangout quest for Thoma. Like in every other Hangout quest, there are certain choices that you can make and these will determine the outcome of the quest. In the Thoma Hangout, there are six possible endings that you can get, and you will need to unlock all of them in order to complete this quest. This particular Hangout focuses on Thoma, an upcoming 4 star Pyro user. In this Genshin Impact Thoma Hangout – All Endings guide, we will list out all the requirements needed to get all six endings.

Genshin Impact Thoma Hangout - All Endings

Thoma Ending #1 – Popular Class

The Thoma Hangout Event starts at the Kamisato Estate on Narukami Island. Go there and once you enter the courtyard, you will initiate a conversation with two guards. After that, Thoma will arrive and begin speaking with you. Select the following dialogue choices: “I agree. Let them do them, and you do you.” and then “Let’s stay indoors.” Now head to Komore Teahouse and meet up with Thoma there. This time, do the following:

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  • Select the “We need to get out there and spread the word.” dialogue option.
  • Next, you will need to speak with several NPCs around Inazuma city.
  • After that, return to the Kamisato Estate.
  • Advance the time to 8am tomorrow morning.
  • Go to the where Thoma is teaching his class in the yard.
Thoma Ending #1 - Popular Class
Thoma Ending #1 – Popular Class.

Thoma Ending #2 – Alone Time

To get the second ending, go back to the “Thank you for your hospitality!” checkpoint and once again go to the Komore Teahouse. This time, you will make some new choices:

  • Select the “Let’s keep it within the Yashiro Commission.” dialogue option.
  • Speak with NPCs in the Kamisato Estate.
  • Next, you will take control of Thoma. You have 60 seconds to clear out the bushes. After that, you will water three plants.
  • Just like before, advance the time to 8am tomorrow morning.
  • Speak with Thoma.
Thoma Ending #2 - Alone Time
Thoma Ending #2 – Alone Time.

Thoma Ending #3 – The Sea Breeze Carries Memories

Return to the Itinerary branching point. This time, choose the following options:

  • Select the “Let’s head out.” dialogue option.
  • Next, select the “I wanna see these cats and dogs!” option.
  • Go to the location of a large tree near the outskirts of Inazuma City. Feed the cats and dogs there.
  • Choose the “Why don’t we go see it together?” dialogue.
  • Go north of Konda Village. Here, you will find a cute Ninja Dog. Speak with it, and then defeat the monsters.
  • Return to the Kamisato Estate and speak with Kazuaki there.
  • Go back and visit the doggie once more.
Thoma Ending #3 - The Sea Breeze Carries Memories
Thoma Ending #3 – The Sea Breeze Carries Memories.

Thoma Ending #4 – New Clothes

Go back to the “Hungry?” checkpoint. To get this ending, make the following choices:

  • Select the “Perhaps we should give it some time to calm down?” dialogue option.
  • Next, take pictures of the cats and dogs around the tree.
  • Once more, advance the time until 8am the following day.
  • Speak with Thoma.
Thoma Ending #4 - New Clothes
Thoma Ending #4 – New Clothes.

Thoma Ending #5 – A Lingering Fragrance

Return to the “Itinerary” checkpoint. When Thoma asks you what sort of activities you prefer, select the following:

  • “Let’s head out.” dialogue.
  • “Let’s hit the town.” dialogue.
  • Go to Ritou and take a walk with Thoma, speaking with nearby NPCs as you go along.
Thoma Ending #5 - A Lingering Fragrance
Thoma Ending #5 – A Lingering Fragrance.

Thoma Ending #6 – The Housekeeper’s Other Side

The sixth and final ending. Also the most complicated one. To be able to get this one, go all the way back to the “Behind His Back” first checkpoint. Then, do this when speaking with Thoma:

  • Select “Sorry, I can’t say I agree.”
  • Then, select the “We should tell them how much you do for the Commission.” option.
  • You need to find and talk with Kiyoe.
  • After that, speak with Thoma and go to Inazuma City. Speak with the NPCs there.
  • Go to Konda village. Save the merchant there and then escort the transport baloon.
  • Report back to Yasutake in Inazuma City.
  • Speak with Sakai.
  • Finally, go to the Kamisato Estate.
Thoma Ending #6 - The Housekeeper's Other Side
Thoma Ending #6 – The Housekeeper’s Other Side.
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