Hidden Achievements Genshin Impact 2.2

There are many new hidden achievements in Genshin Impact 2.2. All of them are tied to the newly-added hangout events. Two of them are in the Thoma hangout. and the other two are in the Sayu hangout. Of course, as is the case with all hangout events, there are a number of steps and choices you’ll have to make to get these achievements. It’s a lengthy process, but you’re kinda meant to get all the endings anyway. So, with all of that said, here’s our Hidden Achievements Genshin Impact 2.2 guide to help you on this journey.

hidden achievements genshin impact 2 2
Hidden Achievements Genshin Impact 2.2

Genshin Impact 2.2 Hidden Achievements

As I’ve said, there is a large number of Genshin Impact 2.2 hidden achievements. Six of them are locked behind the new hangout events with Thoma and Sayu. You can read more about both of those in detail in our Sayu Hangout and Thoma Hangout guides; here, we’ll just focus on brief explanations.

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  • Sayu hangout hidden achievements
    • Dish Effect: Mobility Decreased – Reach the ending of the “Everything in Moderation” route
    • Mujina-Class Ninja – Complete the agility training with more than a minute left in the “With The Trees” route
    • Taller by Half – Unlock all endings
  • Thoma hangout hidden achievements
    • From the Sea Never Returning – Learn of Inu Shoushou with Thoma in the “Sea Breeze Carries Memories” route
    • Housekeeper Extraordinaire – Complete cleanup within the time limit in “Alone Time” route
    • Everyone’s Happy – Unlock all endings

Then, there are the Genshin Impact 2.2 hidden achievements connected to the various side stories you can complete. A lot of them require you to meet specific requirements or complete certain steps. We’ll explain all of them in brief in the list below.

  • Traverse the Fog Door – Walk through the fog gate on Tsurumi Island
  • P-Paimon ate it… – Find feathers for perch trees, find Maushiro at the ritual site, talk to Kama and Sumida, return to the ritual site and see that Maushiro is gone
  • Nihil Sub Caligine Novum – Talk to Sumida and acquaintances then return to Tsurumi to find it covered in fog again (time gate 2 days)
  • Seven Letters – Solve the Ishine Script puzzles, collect seven Stone Slates, use them in the ruins (time gate 2 days)
  • A Tale of Two Cities – Use Peculiar Pinion to break walls with birds on them in the ruins beneath Shirikoro Peak (time gate 2 days)
  • Guessing Game – Find 3 Star-Shaped Gems in Exquisite Chests, place them in murals and light the mural torches (time gate 2 days)
  • Thunderbird’s Lineage – Solve all the statue puzzles scattered around the islands (time gate 2 days)
  • My Life as an Adventurer – Find Roald and complete his quest on the third day of Sumida’s quest (time gate 3 days)
  • Across the Misty River – Return to Tsurumi on the fourth day and complete Sumida’s quest (time gate 4 days)
  • White’s Illusion – Complete “Across the Misty River” and talk to spirits at Tsurumi Island (time gate 4 days)
  • Light Up the Fog – Talk to the spirit Chise in Autake Plains, light up all Stormstones on Autake Plains, talk to Chise again.
  • Moshiri Kara – Go to the Islands north of Tsurumi, go through each Phase Gate in the central island and complete challenges, light up the Monuments.
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