Unlock Perpetual Mechanical Array Genshin Impact

The Perpetual Mechanical Array is a new and formidable boss in Genshin Impact, and people are wondering how to reach it. As it turns out, you can actually unlock this boss’s arena in more than one way. The first method is shorter, but the longer process is actually technically a part of one of the main quests. That being the case, in our Unlock Perpetual Mechanical Array Genshin Impact guide, we’ll show you both methods, including how to drop the Genshin Perpetual Mechanical Array barrier.

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unlock perpetual mechanical array genshin impact
Unlock Perpetual Mechanical Array Genshin Impact

How to Unlock Genshin Impact Perpetual Mechanical Array

To unlock the Perpetual Mechanical Array boss in Genshin Impact, the easiest way is to travel north from Araumi to Jinren Island. You will need the Waverider to do so. In the southeast corner of the island, you’ll find a rock formation, and on the top of it is a tree from which you can summon an electrogram (by the way, one of the hidden achievements is right under that rock). Then, just hit “T” or whatever the equivalent of the command is on your platform to launch yourself into the air. Glide into the portal, and boom, you’ll be right in front of the boss. Mind you, if you use this method, the only way to leave seems to be teleporting out.

If you want to go the long way around, which should also allow you to leave without using waypoints, well, that is a bit more complicated. On this journey, you’ll have to unlock Genshin Perpetual Mechanical Array barrier, which is actually the Araumi Barrier. It requires you to find the Memento Lens and look at a few statues in order to reveal secret buttons and drop underground, where the barrier actually is. For more detailed info, check out our Araumi Barrier – Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual guide.

Proceed through the caves until you reach the underwater teleport waypoint (as described in our Empty Boat Of A Thousand Gates – How To Unlock Underwater Domain guide). From the waypoint, head straight forward through the huge doorway to the east. Drop down to the lower level, and you’ll be at the boss. Do keep in mind that this enemy is no joke; be very careful.

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