Wish Upon a Lantern Genshin Impact - Web Event, Scan QR Code, Can't Detect Account

Wish Upon a Lantern is a web event in Genshin Impact. It’s part of the Lunar New Year celebration, and it’s available to players across all platforms, since it takes place in the web browser. It’s supposed to be quick and easy, but some players have been experiencing issues. Playstation 4 owners have been having trouble with the QR code, those without a web account have been hitting a brick wall, and some people are simply unsure how they’re supposed to get more lanterns. That’s why we’ve decided to write this Genshin Impact Wish Upon a Lantern guide, to explain the web event, how to scan QR code, what to do when it can’t detect account.

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genshin impact wish upon a lantern web event scan qr code can't detect account
Wish Upon a Lantern Genshin Impact – Web Event, Scan QR Code, Can’t Detect Account

Genshin Impact Wish Upon a Lantern Web Event

The event involves logging into your Mihoyo account via the event page and doing little daily tasks in exchange for lanterns. The tasks are things like logging in, sharing on social media and visiting their Youtube page. Completing them will earn you lanterns, which you can release into the sky to get rewards like Mora and experience items and enhancement ores.

How to get more lanterns in the web event?

You can get more lanterns by simply logging in each day and doing the daily tasks listed on the page. You can only get a set amount each day, so you will have to check every day as long as the event lasts.

Genshin Impact scan QR code

If you’re playing on PS4, you might have to use your phone to scan the QR code you get by visiting the link from the event mail. It might not work on first try, so do not delete the event mail, and maybe try using different QR scanner apps.

Wish Upon a Lanters PS4 problems

Playstation 4 players might have to work a bit more in order to participate. First of all, don’t delete the event mail. Follow the link in the letter, and you’ll see a QR code. Scan it with your phone and it’ll take you to the event page. You might have to try different QR scanners apps – some don’t work as well as others.

Wish Upon a Lantern undefined status & can’t detect my account

If you’re using a third party account to play, like a Google account, you might get error messages saying it can’t detect your account, or you have undefined status. If this happens, you should make a Mihoyo web account, and bind your third party account to it in order to transfer your progress. You can find this option in the Account Info section.

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    I dont know what is happening but I need help. When I try to reenter the web, it says that I have to log in to take part in the event while im a PS4 player. I tried scanning the QR code lots of times but still, I even changed of device and it still doesnt work. Please help, I would appreciate it a lot !! 🙂

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