Padded Armor Valheim

Valheim Padded Armor is the best armor you can craft in the game at the time of writing. That being the case, people are scrambling to figure out how to get the Padded Armor. As is the case with everything in Valheim, you need to unlock the recipe and gather enough resources. However, the issue is that the journey to acquiring both the Padded Armor recipe and resources is a long and arduous journey. Basically, don’t even think about it until you reach the Plains biome. In our Padded Armor Valheim guide, we’ll show you the whole process.

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padded armor valheim
Padded Armor Valheim

How to Get Padded Armor in Valheim?

To get the Valheim Padded Armor, you first have to defeat Moder, the boss of the Mountain biome. She drops a Dragon Tear, which you can use to make the Artisan Table. That, in turn, lets you build the Spinning Wheel, which turns Flax into Linen Thread. Why is all of this important? Because crafting the Padded Armor takes up a ton of Linen Thread. The other material you’ll need a lot of is Iron, which you get by smelting Iron Scraps from the Swamps in the Smelter. Oh, and you’ll also need a Forge; a mere workbench won’t do. Here’s what you need for each piece:

  • Padded Helmet – 10 Iron, 15 Linen Thread
  • Padded Cuirass – 10 Iron, 20 Linen Thread
  • Padded Greaves – 10 Iron, 20 Linen Thread

You can top off your Padded Armor in Valheim with a Linen Cape, if you should so choose. You’ll need one Silver and twenty Linen Thread to craft it. It’s not at all a necessity, but it is a pretty dang neat cape.

The full Padded Armor set provides you with around 78 Armor points just on the basic level (79 with the Cape), and reduces your movement speed by around 10%. As you upgrade your Forge, you can keep upgrading the armor, too, for a grand total of around 100 Armor for the full set. Like we’ve said, it’s the best armor in the game at the time of writing, so it’s well-worth sinking time and resources into. Also, all of these recipes unlock once you’ve discovered Iron and Linen Thread.

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