Ghost of Tsushima Khotun Khan First Boss Fight - Can You Defeat Him at the Start

Beating Ghost of Tsushima Khotun Khan at the beginning is going to be a point of contention among gamers, because the first boss battle against him is incredibly difficult. The game does let you do some minor damage to the Khan at the starting fight, but the odds are very much stacked against you. But, since you can do at least a bit of damage to him, plenty of you are going to be asking if you can beat Khotun Khan at the beginning of Tsushima. Well, in our Ghost of Tsushima Khotun Khan – Can You Defeat Him at the Start guide, we’re going to discuss that question.

can you defeat khotun khan at the start in ghost of tsushima
Ghost of Tsushima Khotun Khan – Can You Defeat Him at the Start

Ghost of Tsushima Can I Beat Khotun Khan First Boss in the Beginning on Bridge?

As far as we can tell, it’s nigh-impossible to beat Khotun Khan in the beginning of Ghost of Tsushima. We’ve done our best to try and defeat him, but we barely managed to scratch him. Based on that, I’m going to go ahead and say that most players will not be able to defeat Khotun Khan at the start of Tsushima. In fact, it might be that the developers designed this fight to be unwinnable in order to drive your lust for revenge.

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Now, with all that said, I do admit that there might just be a chance that you can beat Khotun Khan at the start. Maybe our attempts just weren’t gosu enough. Knowing the gaming community, there’s a decent possibility that somebody will defeat him within, like, a week from launch. However, even if that is the case, I doubt that the game will just end there. Rather, I’d assume that, much like in the first battle against Genichiro in Sekiro, something will happen where the Khan will manage to turn the tables and still get the upper hand on you.

This is all conjecture, though. We’ll make sure to update this article once we get more information. No matter how you slice it, though, I stand by my opinion that most people won’t be able to bring down Khotun Khan at the beginning of Ghost of Tsushima. He is one tough cookie.

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