Ghost of Tsushima Difficulty Levels - Easy, Medium, Hard

Ghost of Tsushima offers three difficulty levels when you first start the journey – easy, medium and hard. The gradation is obvious, but the game doesn’t do a great job of explaining the specifics. Medium is more difficult than easy, that much is clear, but why exactly? If you want to know the differences between the three settings, keep reading our Ghost of Tsushima difficulty levels guide.

ghost of tsushima difficulty settings easy medium hard
Ghost of Tsushima Difficulty Levels – Easy, Medium, Hard

Ghost of Tsushima difficulty trophy

There are no trophies that require you to play on a certain difficulty. This means you can get the platinum trophy playing on whichever difficulty setting you like the most. You also won’t get penalized for changing the difficulty mid-playthrough, no matter how many times you do it.

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Difficulty settings in Ghost of Tsushima

First of all, know that you can change the difficulty whenever you like. If you die to a boss several times, you’ll even get a message suggesting you lower the difficulty. Here’s how the game describes the different options:

  • Easy – For players who want to experience Jin’s story and explore the island of Tsushima with minimal challenge.
  • Medium – For players who want a well-rounded gameplay experience with a moderate challenge.
  • Hard – For players unafraid of death who are brave enough to face the ultimate challenge.

According to information offered on the official website, the main difference between the three is in the aggressiveness of the enemies, and the duration of the window of opportunity for extraordinary moves. The higher the difficulty, the more precise you’ll have to be to perform them.

What doesn’t change is the amount of health the enemies have. The developers claim they want the katana to feel lethal no matter what you choose, which means they can’t allow enemies that treat katana wounds like paper cuts. This goes both ways – Jin’s won’t be able to take more blows just because you’re playing on easy, but he will have more time to recover from being hit, to block and parry incoming attacks, and such.

Again, the most important thing here is that you can change the difficulty if you feel the game is too hard or too easy. So just start at medium and see where it gets you.

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