Ghost of Tsushima Tada Yori Armor - Legend of Tada Yori

Tada Yori’s Armor is the reward you get for completing the Legend of Tadayori Ghost of Tsushima mythic tale side quest. The Legend of Tada Yori side mission in Ghost of Tsushima sends you all around Azamo and ultimately rewards you with Tadayori’s Armor. As is the case with all Ghost of Tsushima mythic tale quests, you have to find a specific NPC that lets you in on where to start the mission. After that, the game leads you by the hand to where you need to go; that first step, however, can prove a problem. So, in our Ghost of Tsushima Tada Yori Armor – Legend of Tada Yori guide, we’re going to show you how to start the mythic tale, explain how to complete it, where to find the armor itself.

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Ghost of Tsushima Tadayori's Armor Location - Mythic Tale
Ghost of Tsushima Tada Yori Armor – Legend of Tada Yori

Where to Find Ghost of Tsushima Tadayori Armor – Legend of Tada Yori

To find Ghost of Tsushima Taya Dori armor, you first have to start the Legend of Tadayori mythic tale. For that, you have to go to east Azamo, near the river that separates it from Tsutsu, in the area called Rustling Bend. There, among some boulders, you’ll find a camp of several people, including a traveling musician. That’s who you need to speak to in order to get directions to the next step. We got the hint of where to find the start of Legend of Tada Yori from a random peasant in Hiyoshi Springs after completing the Incident at Hiyoshi Pass main quest.

From there, all you have to do is follow where the game takes you, and you’ll eventually get Tadayori’s Armor. The first step is to go to northern Azamo in search of violets. When you get to the marked location, you will have to get to the top of a hill called Crown of Violets, so it’s impossible to miss. At the top, there’s a small shrine, at which you’ll find a map to the next step. You don’t have to think too much, just follow the quest marker and squeeze through the gap next to a lamp.

When you reach Tadayori’s Rest and inspect the shrine, you’ll have to fight a boss. After you win, the next stop is Azamo Bay, in the south. There, you must save an NPC from Mongol brigands, and then interact with a nearby statue to receive Tada Yori Armor. Seeing how Tadayori was a legendary archer, all the perks the armor gives you revolve around that; specifically, nocking and reload speed, as well as your Concentration meter.

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