Ghost of Tsushima Gosaku Armor Location Map - Key Locations

Gosaku’s Armor is one of the outfits in Ghost of Tsushima. You’ll get it as a reward for completing a certain mythic tale, and you’ll have to find six Gosaku keys to do it. Some of those keys are in the later areas of the game, so you won’t be able to get the armor quickly. If you’re wondering where to find the outfit, or the keys, this guide wil show you Ghost of Tsushima Gosaku’s Armor location, as well as the six key locations.

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Gosakus Armor Ghost of Tsushima
Ghost of Tsushima Gosaku’s Armor Location Map – Key Locations

How to get Gosaku’s Armor?

The armor is the main reward for the Unbreakable Gosaku mythic tale. Once you’ve started this quest, you’ll need to find six keys. They are hidden in specific places, and you can find them even before you start the quest. They’ll just linger in your inventory until the time is right, so don’t worry about them if the quest isn’t active yet. Also, be prepared for running around the map and fighting lots of enemies. Once you obtain all the keys, equipping the armor will grant you three bonuses: “massive increase to health“, “major increase to stagger damage,” and “Killing a Staggered enemy restores 20% of the player’s health“.Players who want to show off with Gosaku helmet will need to look for an armorer in order to upgrade the armor.

Gosaku Key #1 – Key of Koshimizu Location

The Key of Koshimizu is found in the Kushi region in Toyotama. To get it, you’ll need to rescue the hostages at Koshimizu Farmstead. This is Mongol infested territory, part of a liberated objective. The seventh Masako tale will bring you here at one point.

To liberate this place from Mongols, you’ll need to defend the hostages, defeat the Mongol guards in the garden and rescue three hostages. To get the key, you’ll need to rescue all three hostages. The last hostage will give you the Key of Koshimizu, and you can get it without liberating the farm.

Gosaku Key #2 – Iijima

The Key of Iijima is at Iijima farmstead. This Mongol-infested settlement is located in southwestern Toyotama, southeastern Umugi region. This time you’ll have to rescue four hostages, before the last one gives you the key. This is the only mandatory objective here.

Iijima is a rather large farmstead. Two of the hostages are on the docks, while the other two are a bit deeper into the land. There are a lot of enemies here, which means the hostages can easily get hurt, making you reload the section. Be careful, try dealing with some of them from stealth.

Gosaku Key #3 – Key of Yagata

The Key of Yagata is kept as a treasure at Yagata Farmstead. To get to it, go to northwestern Izuhara, eastern Kashine region. The third rescued hostage will give you the key, after thinking it was Gosaku himself who saved them.

Yagata is a rather small farmstead, but packed with enemies. To complete the bonus objective, you’ll need to defeat an enemy with a sticky bomb. There are plenty of enemies here, but the groups are not close to each other, so you don’t have to worry about pulling two at the same time. One of them also has dogs, and they are vicious.

Gosaku Key #4 – Key of Kuta Location

You’ll get the next Gosaku Key from the Kuta farmstead, located in eastern Izuhara, in eastern Ariake region. If you follow the path southeast from Golden Temple, look for a spot between the two rivers, and you’ll reach this farmstead.

The main objective is to rescue three hostages. The bonus one is to defeat five enemies without taking any damage. Since there are many tall buildings here, you can use them to your advantage. Having those technique points invested in stealth makes it much easier. Two hostages are held captive outside, while the last one is inside a house.

Gosaku Key #5 – Ohama – Where to find Gosaku’s Armor

The Key of Ohama is in an Izuhara settlement – Ohama village. It’s in the southwestern part of the first map, in the western Tsutsu region. It’s on the coast, which is great for a fishing village. Coming here near dusk is breathtaking, as the orange color spills over from the sky onto the landscape.

The last hostage will give you the key. To get the bonus, you’ll need to defeat five enemies in a row without taking any damage. There are a lot of opportunities to do so, thanks to tall buildings, many grassy areas to hide in, and enemies not being clustered in one spot.

Gosaku Key #6 – Aoi – Unbreakable Gosaku mythic tale

The Key of Aoi is in Aoi village. This Mongol-occupied place is in the far southwestern corner of the Izuahara map, in the Tsutsu region. It’s at the edge, on the coast, just south from the previous key.

This one also has three hostages. Rescuing the third one will net you the last key. There’s also a super easy bonus objective – to defeat an enemy from above.

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