Ghost Recon Breakpoint Castaway Collectible Locations

Castaway Collectible clues in Ghost Recon Breakpoint are items that you can find in the overworld, which give you further clues, for a total of six. Every Castaway clue location also contains 2500 Skell Credits, for a total of 15000. Not a bad haul, even though the clues take you all across the map. Plus, some Breakpoint Castaway part clues can be very vague and confuisng, like the ones for Loading Bay or Eden Forest. That being the case, we’ve put together our Ghost Recon Breakpoint Castaway Collectible Locations guide to show you where to find all Castaway clue parts.

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Castaway Collectible Locations
Ghost Recon Breakpoint Castaway Collectible Locations

Castaway #1 Locket Cliff Location – Ghost Recon Breakpoint

“Locket Cliff has provided a wealth of resources in this difficult time.”

The location of Castaway Part 1 on Locket Cliff is inside a destroyed shack. Locket Cliff is in the northwest corner of the Infinity area. The collectible is on the desk near what was once the southeastern wall of the shack. From there, you’ll get a clue for Castaway #4. Then, check the northeast wall of the shack to find the chest with 2500 Skell Credits.

Castaway #2 – Where is Landing Bay in Ghost Recon Breakpoint?

“I have placed a hidden shelter on a hill at the North of Landing Bay.”

The clue for Castaway Part 2 tells you to go north of Landing Bay. Which you might assume is the Landing Bay area in the east of the map. That’s not the one at all. Instead, you have to go to the southwest of the map, north of Anchor Island. Again, consult the images below to see where we’re going. Head into the stilt house via a fallen log. Explore the remains of the house to find the clue for Castaway Part 5 on a barrel, and a chest with 2500 Skell Credits.

Castaway #3 in Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Where is Typhoon Bay Hideout?

“A hideout in the Typhoon Bay is ideal.”

To find the Castaway clue #3 in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, go to the small island in Typhoon Bay. It’s south of the Typhoon Bay letters on the map. On the island, you’ll find a stilt house. Climb up the ladders to the first floor to find the clue which will loop you back to Castaway Part 1. Then, climb up the stairs to the second floor to find the Skell Credits chest with another 2500 of those for you.

Castaway #4 Lake Boomer Location – Breakpoint

“I have settled in another hillside hideout at the southwest of Lake Boomer.”

The location that Castaway Clue 4 leads you to is, indeed, southwest of Lake Boomer. That doesn’t help us much, true, but look for the Abandoned Site on the map to find where it is. Alternatively, take a gander at the screenshots provided below. Go into the remains of the shack. As you enter, the clue for Castaway #2 will be on the immediate right, while the 2500 Skell Credits chest will be a little further on the left.

Castaway #5 – Where is Lake Great Through Shore Shelter?

“I have built a shelter on the shore of the Lake Great Through.”

The shelter on the shore of Lake Great Through, where the Castaway Part 5 Clue takes you, is actually on the western shore of Blackwater Lake. It’s near Checkpoint Viper Alpha. Find the shack, and look for a small hole in the wall that you can crawl through. If you’re having trouble finding it, check out the images below. Anyways, inside the shack is the clue for Castaway #6 and the chest with 2500 Skell Credits.

Where to Find Eden Forest Highest Hill Shelter Castaway Clue #6?

“I will build another strategic shelter on the highest hill of the Eden Forest.”

To find the highest hill in Eden Forest, you’ll have to go northeast of Lake Alice and / or west of the Emergency Center. It’s kinda hard to describe, since it’s in the middle of nowhere. Consult the pictures below to help you out. Find the small stilt house in the heavily wooded area. Climb up the ladder. The chest with 2500 Skell Credits is inside the house, while the clue for Castaway Part 3 on the barrel on the “porch.”

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