Destiny 2 Eriana's Vow Catalyst Quest Progress Stuck Bug

Eriana’s Vow is an exotic weapon in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. If you own the season pass, it’s the first exotic you can get. Shortly after you obtain this hand cannon, you’ll also unlock an exotic quest called The Vow. The reward for this quest is a catalyst for Eriana’s Vow, and it requires you to score kills with the weapon in strike, crucible, gambit and other activities. However, players have noticed the progress bar is moving so slowly that it’s almost as it if was stuck. Many think it’s a bug, but it’s actually not. We’ll explain how to get around this limitation in our Destiny 2 Eriana’s Vow catalyst quest progress stuck bug guide.

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destiny 2 eriana's vow catalyst quest bug
Destiny 2 Eriana’s Vow Catalyst Quest Progress Stuck Bug

The Vow quest progress bug

It turns out that the progress bar filling up painfully slowly is actually a feature, not a bug. It’s meant to gate progress and stop players from obtaining the catalyst too quickly. It’s also meant to stop players who don’t have access to the season pass’ fast track from getting it at all.

There are two rewards in the fast track that speed up the progress. The first comes at rank 11, and it’s called Catalyst Quest Boost Alpha. It doubles the amount of progress you get per kill. At rank 22, you’ll get the second. This one’s called Catalyst Quest Boost Omega, and it triples the progress you make.

Obviously, it’s possible to unlock it without these – if it wasn’t, Bungie would momentarily be accused of implementing pay to win mechanics in their game. But it’s stupidly slow. It’s so slow that, by the time you’ve unlocked the catalyst, you’ll have lost all interest in the weapon. If you’ve got the premium pass, it’s best to wait until you reach rank 22 before concerning yourself with this quest. If not… well, tough luck, basically.

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