Ghost Recon Breakpoint Three Tombs Collectible Stash Locations

Three Tombs Collectible Stashes in Ghost Recon Breakpoint are points of interest that you can find and visit to collect what’s in them. Now, the Three Tomb locations are pretty far off the beaten path. Luckily, there’s a clue that you can find to point you in the right direction, but even that is pretty vague. With that in mind, I welcome to our Ghost Recon Breakpoint Three Tombs Collectible Stash Locations guide to show you where to find the Three Tomb stashes, as well as the corresponding clue.

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Three Tombs Collectible Stash Locations
Ghost Recon Breakpoint Three Tombs Collectible Stash Locations

Where to Find Three Tomb Stashes in Ghost Recon Breakpoint Lake Country?

To find the Three Tombs collectible stashes in Lake Country in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, there are three locations you’ll have to visit. The first one is in the hills west of Harper Lake, south of Broken Hill, northeast of Cameron’s Forest. Look for the map marker that reads Traces of Ancient Ruins. When on location, look for the dragon head statue, and the stash is gonna be nearby.

The second location is north of Trough Lake, in the hills near Fortune River, east of Drone Station W121. Once again, you’re looking for the place marked Traces of Ancient Ruins. Climb up the mountain and look for a lonely fir tree. Below it is the dragon head statue, and the stash is, again, nearby.

The third and final location is in Grandview Range. Specifically, you can find the Traces of Ancient Ruins right at the “W” in the word “Grandview” on the map. As is the case with the other three stashes, you want to keep an eye out for the dragon statue, and then the stash, which will be in the direction of where the statue is looking.

Three Tomb Breakpoint Stash Locations Clue – Where to Find?

To find the clue for the Three Tomb stash locations in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, you’ll need to go to the north of Lake Country. There, at the west bank of a small lake, you’ll see a shack, next to some broken train tracks. Walk around the shack until you find, you’ve guessed it, another stone dragon head statue. In the opposite corner, you’ll find a scroll on a large, wooden crate. That scroll is the clue you’re looking for. Incidentally, every one of these stashes will reward you with 2500 Skell Credits.

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