More details surface regarding Ghost Recon: Wildlands new expansion – Fallen Ghosts

Ghost Recon: Wildlands has had a successful launch and the subsequent expansion, Narco Road, came out on April 20 for season pass owners, and on April 25 for everyone else. Next one in line is Fallen Ghosts.

ghost recon fallen ghosts crossbow
The crossbow with the explosive bolt should make things a little hotter.

This add-on follows the events of the main game. Santa Blanca cartel is done away with, however, the country is now engulfed in a civil war. The Unidada is trying to restore order with the help of people who volunteer, but things are not going that great, as former carlet members and mercenaries, called Los Extranjeros, are trying to kill the American agents. It’s Ghost’s duty to get them, as well as American civilians, out of the country as soon as possible. However, Ghosts will find themselves stuck in the middle of the jungle after they get shot down and they will be hunted by four different types of soldiers:

  • Elite Sniper: Movement detectors combined with snipers, mean that these guys can easily figure out where you are and they hardly ever miss.
  • Covert Ops: Crossbows and a prototype cloaking device, what more could you ask for? These guys are putting the Gh back into “Ghost.”
  • Jammer: This guys can create problems with any and all electronic equipment you possess, and also neutralize drones.
  • Armoured: These guys have bulletproof armor and you do not want them up close and personal.

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As if that wasn’t enough, Ghosts will have to take on four bosses over the course of 15 new missions. Level cap is up to 35, with nine new skills, while you start with a level 30 character. There will also be new weapons, including an explosive-bolts crossbow.

Once again, season pass holders have an advantage – they are getting the DLC on May 30, and everyone else can get it on June 6. It is available on PC, PS4 and XBox One.

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