Ghost Recon Wildlands Narco Road Expansion Release Date Announced

Ghost Recon Wildlands is getting its first expansion later this month. Narco Road, as the add-on is called, will let you pretend to be the bad guy, while still being the good guy. Kind of. It’s going to go on sale on April 25th, while season pass owners will get it a week earlier than the rest, on April 18th.

ghost recon wildlands narco road release date
Ghost Recon Wildlands Narco Road

Narco Road will features 15 new missions, in which you’ll have to infiltrate three gangs. You’ll move up the ranks and gain the trust of the lieutenants, in order to reach the ever-elusive super boss. The bossiest of bosses, El Invisible. The underbosses seem as limply written as the head honcho – one of them is a social media star/adrenaline junkie, another is a biker who worships Santa Muerte, while the last one races muscle cars. Yawn.

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We’ll also get four new types of side activities, which will feed into the campaign, helping you spread your influence and gain street cred. There will also be more stuff – four costumes, nine weapons, monster trucks, muscle cars, motorcycles and “aerobatic planes”.

Before the expansion is released, the game will be updated with a hefty patch (April 12th on consoles, April 14th on PC). We’re going to get weekly challenges which can yield up to three rewards per week. They’re going to come and go in seasons, each lasting six weeks and designed around a theme. The first season is called The Rise and Fall of Unidad, and tasks the players with getting info on Unidad’s business and dealing with them accordingly. Apart from that, the patch will also bring a lot of fixes and quality of life improvements.

The price of the stand-alone version is still unknown, but considering the amount of stuff they’re adding, don’t expect it to be cheap.

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