God of War Ragnarok Chaos Flame Locations

Chaos Flame was one of the most important things to collect in the original God of War, and it is the same case in its sequel, God of War Ragnarok. This is because Chaos Flame is used to upgrade one of your weapons – the iconic Blades of Chaos. Since you will no doubt want to have this weapon at its maximum lethality, you will need to get as many of these Chaos Flames as possible. We are going to show you all the Chaos Flame locations in God of War Ragnarok right here.

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God of War Ragnarok Chaos Flame Locations
God of War Ragnarok Chaos Flame Locations

All Chaos Flame Locations in God of War Ragnarok

You will get most of these Chaos Flames from defeating bosses during the main course of the main story. A notable exception here is the last Chaos Flame, which you can only obtain by finding all six Chaos Sparks. To keep this guide from getting too long, we’ve split the Chaos Sparks and their locations into a separate guide. Now, let’s see the rest of the Chaos Flames. You will get the first one from defeating the Dreki boss in Svartalfheim. The second Chaos Flame is obtainable by taking down the Forest Ancient in Freya’s Camp in Vanaheim.

The third Chaos Flame is dropped by the Frost Phantom in Midgard. To get the fourth Chaos Flame, you will need to defeat the Soul Eater at Surtur’s Forge in Muspelheim. Of course, it should go without saying that you won’t be able to simply sprint and collect all of these Chaos Flames at once. No, you will gather them as you play the game and advance through the main story. So the best course here is to not think about it too much and play the game at your own pace – you’ll get the Chaos Flames in due time.

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