God of War Ragnarok Chaos Sparks Locations

Knowing where the God of War Ragnarok Chaos Sparks locations are is necessary if you want to unlock the final Chaos Flame. There are six of them scattered around the map, and they are even connected to one of the Favors you can do. Basically, it’s all about finding these mysterious rifts in the ground and beating the Draugr mini-boss that emerges from it. In this guide, we are going to show you where to find the Chaos Sparks in Ragnarok.

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god of war ragnarok chaos sparks locations
God of War Ragnarok Chaos Sparks Locations

Where to Find Chaos Sparks in God of War Ragnarok

The first location of Chaos Sparks in God of War Ragnarok that we’ve come across is in the southwest corner of The Applecore, in Svartalfheim. We’ll show you where it is in the screenshot below. You’re looking for a huge wooden door. Inside, you’ll come across a Draugr mini-boss called The Hateful. After you beat it, you’ll get a Chaos Spark, among many other valuable rewards, including the Cursed Empress Handles for the Blades.

where to find chaos sparks in god of war ragnarok
Chaos Spark location #1

The second Chaos Spark, and The Hateful miniboss, is in The Barrens, in Alfheim. There are several mounds scattered across the area. Sure, you should explore all of them, but the one we’re interested in most is the easternmost mound. Once again, you’ll have to defeat The Hateful and his cohorts of regular Draugr. Your rewards, aside from the Chaos Spark, will be a lot of other rare crafting materials. No weapon attachment, though.

chaos sparks locations god of war ragnarok
Chaos Spark location #2

To find the third location of the Chaos Sparks in God of War Ragnarok, head to the east of the Lake of Nine in Midgard. It’s on a ledge close to the gates leading towards King’s Grave. Just take a look at the image below to see where it is. The low wall has a rune on it, which pretty much serves as an arrow showing you that there’s something to find. As you’ve probably guessed, another Hateful Drauger and his minions will be waiting for you. Slay them all to get the Chaos Spark and other goodies.

how to get chaos sparks god of war ragnarok
Chaos Spark location #3

This guide is a work in progress. We will add more Chaos Spark locations as we discover them.

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