God of War Ragnarok Giant's Toes Treasure Map Location & Solution

In our God of War Ragnarok Giant’s Toes Treasure Map Location & Solution guide, we are going to cover two aspects of this “riddle.” First off, we will show you where to find the treasure map. It’s actually hidden in one of the Favors you can do in Vanaheim, so it’s pretty easy to miss if you’re just blazing through. Then, we will explain where to find the buried treasure at the giant’s “toes.” Again, it’s easy to overlook if you’re not paying attention, since it’s in the grass behind… something that is more eye-catching, shall we say. With all of that said, let’s dive straight in!

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god of war ragnarok giants toes treasure map location & solution
God of War Ragnarok Giant’s Toes Treasure Map Location & Solution

God of War Ragnarok The Giant’s Toes Treasure Map Location

The location of the Giant’s Toes treasure map in God of War Ragnarok is in a hidden area called Vanir Shrine. Obviously, this place is in Vanaheim, but how do you access it? By playing the Freya’s Missing Peace Favor in the River Delta area. Basically, just mark the side mission on the map and follow Freya; you’ll get to the shrine soon enough. As for the map itself, it’s in the northeastern corner of the open area with two diseased trees. You’ll have to embed your ax into one of the trees to clear the path. Check out the screenshots below to see exactly where the map is.

The Giant’s Toes Treasure Map Solution in God of War Ragnarok

Description: The Jotnar may be gone from the realms, but giants still rise above the Vanir. My treasure may seem insignificant compared to its lush, sweeping boughs, but I prefer to look at it as room for growth.

The solution for the Giant’s Toes treasure map in God of War Ragnarok is also in the Vanaheim River Delta, to the northeast of the Vanir Shrine. It’s in the small area between Noatun’s Garden, Pilgrim’s Landing, and Cliffside Ruins. The island is relatively small, but there’s a lot happening. Brok’s shop is there, as well as a Mystic Gateway to the left of it. More importantly for our needs, the treasure the map is leading us to is behind said gateway. You can see exactly where it is in the screenshots below. Yes, the Giant’s Toes have nothing to do with actual feet; it’s a metaphor for the roots of the enormous tree. The treasure itself is an Amulet Enchantment called Vanaheim’s Power. You’ll also get a handful of XP.

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