God of War Ragnarok Mystical Heirloom Explained

During your God of War Ragnarok playthrough, you will come across many mysteries. Sometimes, these come in the form of places you can’t reach yet, or spots that you don’t know how to interact with. And sometimes, you will pick up items whose purpose you simply can’t figure out. The Mystical Heirloom is one such object. So if you are wondering where you can find this item and what it is used for, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about it in this God of War Ragnarok Mystical Heirloom Explained guide.

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God of War Ragnarok Mystical Heirloom Explained
God of War Ragnarok Mystical Heirloom Explained

God of War Ragnarok Mystical Heirloom Location

The Mystical Heirloom is located in the Lake of Nine, Midgard. The place can be a bit difficult to find, so we have marked it in our screenshot gallery below. You’ll recognize the spot due to a yellow lightning mark on the ice wall there. Aim and throw your Draupnir Spear at this spot and then detonate it to clear your way through. Inside this ice alcove, you’re going to find a dead body. Next to it is a lore scroll, as well as the Mystical Heirloom itself.

How to Use Mystical Heirloom in God of War Ragnarok

Once you have picked it up, Mimir will remark that he recalls this having something to do with a sleeping curse. The Relic itself doesn’t give you a lot of info to go on, stating that it awakens something deep inside the bearer, but that it also doesn’t seem to have any practical application in combat. So what is it all about? Well, its use is actually very interesting. Namely – to awaken the Troll Statues that are scattered across the game. When you see one of these, approach it and activate the Mystical Heirloom in the same way you would any other Relic. This will cause the Troll to awaken and attack you. But once you defeat it, you will get parts needed to craft the powerful Steinbjorn Armor, so this is definitely worth doing.

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