God of War Abandon Ship Artefacts - Shiphead Locations

Abandon ship artefacts are a type of collectible in God of War. They’re figureheads from shipwrecks, and you can find them along the Lake of Nine. There are nine of them, and when you collect them all, you’ll get some experience, and you can trade them in for hacksilver. Since some of them are really well hidden, we’re going to help you find them in our God of War Abandon Ship artefacts guide.

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god of war abandon ship artefact shiphead locations
God of War Abandon Ship Artefacts – Shiphead Locations

Where to find Abandon Ship figureheads?

The first shiphead can be found at the Lookout Tower boat dock, on the southern shore of the Lake of Nine. It’s next to the corpse in the spike trap by the chest. In order to get it, you’ll need to retract the spikes by throwing your axe at the scratched board above the chest. The second one is by a corpse at Niflheim Tower, next to the crates and barrels.

If you go to the Forgotten Caverns dock, in the northwest of the lake, you’ll find another figurehead on the hill above the shore. The fourth one can be obtained by visiting Helheim Tower, in the north of the lake. It’s next to a corpse by the blocked door.

Yet another figurehead is hidden at Alfheim Tower, which is in the northeastern part of the lake. You guessed it – it’s next to a dead body. There’s a pattern here, but I’m not quite sure what it is. The next one is at Stone Falls, an area in the northeast of the lake. It’s in a secluded area to the left of the golden gate – when you see the gate, head left into the corner, then climb the ledge. Look to your left and you’ll find it next to a corpse.

The seventh shiphead is at Cliffs of The Raven, in the southeast corner of the lake. Go past the troll corpse, and climb up to the ledge – shoot the boards on the right first, then send the kid to lower the chain. Once you’re up there, follow the path to the corpse and the collectible. You’ll find another one on the Isle of Death, in the southwest of the lake. Once you climb onto the plateau, turn left and you’ll see a crane. There’s a yellow rock with a jug on it there – if you shoot the jug, it’ll explode, clearing the way to the collectible.

The last figurehead is at the Temple of Tyr, in the middle of the lake. You’ll find it at the boat dock, before the stairs that lead up to the rotating bridge.