God of War Lost & Found Artefacts - Collectible Toy Locations

Lost & Found is an artefact set in God of War. It consists of four toys which you can find in Wildwoods, the starting area. Getting all of these collectibles means completing the set, which rewards you with experience points. You can also sell the items off at a shop, when you find one. One of the toys is extremely easy to miss, which is why we’ve decided to write this God of War Lost & Found guide, to help you get them all.

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god of war lost and found artefacts collectible toy locations
God of War Lost & Found Artefacts – Collectible Toy Locations

Where to find missing toy in Lost & Found?

You’ll find the first one near the house, in the southeastern part of the map. As you enter the valley from the north, turn left immediately. You’ll spot the toy on the ground nearby.

If you follow the corridor north from the house, you’ll find another collectible right in front of the stone stairs. It’s a little model boat.

The third toy is hidden in the ravine in the northeast of the area. You’ll have to climb down a chain and fight off a rabid wolf in order to get this horse doll. It’s going to be under the felled tree leaning against a rock.

The last one you can get when you reach the room with the gate you need to open and freeze. When you clear the enemies, turn around, and you’ll see a massive wodden door. Go through it and turn right – you’ll see the toy on the ground near the bridge.

Since this is the first type of collectible you encounter in the game, a lot of players want to get them all, thinking they might come in handy at some points. The truth is, you can trade them for a handfull of hacksilver you don’t really need, and that’s pretty much it. They’re fairly useless, unless you’re a completionist and you want to 100% the game. You should focus on getting materials instead, like Niflheim Alloy, Haze Weave & Aesirbane.