Alfheim Lake of Light Nornir Rune Chest Bell Puzzle Solution God of War

Lake of Light is a large area in Alfheim in God of War. One of the docks in the area, called Light Elf Sanctuary, hides a Nornir Chest Puzzle. On the surface, it’s a standard rune bell puzzle to open the Nornir Chest. However, the problem is that all the bells surrounding the Rune Chest are blank. To help you out with it, here’s how to open Alfheim Light Elf Sanctuary Nornir Rune Chest in God of War.

Alfheim Lake of Light Nornir Rune Chest Bell Puzzle Solution God of War
Alfheim Lake of Light Nornir Rune Chest Bell Puzzle Solution God of War

Where to find Nornir Rune Chest in Lake of Light in Alfheim?

Row to the east of the map, to the dock called Light Elf Sanctuary. Head to the right and turn the crank, then hop across the gap and through the metal gate that you’ve now raised. Then, take a left. and you’ll reach a small, shrine-like structure. The Nornir Rune Chest is inside this structure. It’s surrounded by blank rune bells, to make things more interesting.

How to Solve God of War Alfheim Lake of Light Nornir Rune Bell Chest Puzzle?

Like all other rune bell puzzles, you have to quickly hit the three corresponding to the runes on the chest. However, the problem here is that there’s eight rune bells, and all of them are blank. So, to open this rune chest, you basically have to do some serious trial-and-error puzzle solving. To make things easier, these are the correct bells, going from the one right behind the chest: first on the left, second on the right, and the one directly behind you, above the entrance to the chest.

The reward we got for solving this puzzle was an Idunn Apple. Pretty darn good reward for a relatively minimal amount of effort. For more info on Nornir Chests in God of War, check out our guides on Horn of Blood Mead Locations, Tyr’s Vault Nornir Rune Chest Puzzle Solution, and others.

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