God of War Horn of Blood Mead Locations - Rune Puzzle Solutions

Horn of Blood Mead is a collectible in God of War. There’s only nine of them in the entire game, and every time you find three, you’ll get a bump in your maximum rage. Each horn is locked away in a chest, behind a rune puzzle. Getting them all will unlock the Quick Tempered trophy. The puzzles vary in difficulty, and most people are bound to get stuck at some point. If you’re having trouble finding the chests or opening them, make sure you consult our God of War Horn of Blood Mead locations guide.

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god of war horn of blood mead locations rune puzzle solutions
God of War Horn of Blood Mead Locations – Rune Puzzle Solutions

River Pass runic chest solution

We found the first horn in the caves between River Pass and the Lake of Nine. As you’re going through the tunnels, you’ll run into a giant spike trap. You’ll need to raise it using the rotating panel on the left, then hit the spiked wall on the far side twice. This will open up the passage that leads further. Raise the trap again, and run below it, through the opening you’ve just made. Climb up, then turn around and jump on top of the trap.

You’ll see the chest in a nook on your right. Stand in front of it, then turn around. The first rune will be up on the wall, on your left. The second one will be in the tunnel that’s now in front of you. The final rune is on your right, directly above the first rotating panel. You’ll have to raise the trap in order to break it.

Veithurgard rune chest puzzle

The second horn we obtained was in a chest in the hills south of Veithurgard. You can find it by going away from the big door with the rune lock, then turning right before you reach the wooden hanging bridge. The first rune is on the rocks behind the chest – you can shoot it from said bridge. If you cross the bridge and turn right, you’ll see the second rune on the cliff in the distance. To get the third one, head towards the rune-locked door, then jump off the stone bridge to the left. Follow the path until you get to a clearing – the third rune will be in front of you, and the gate leading to the chest on the left.

Foothills rune chest puzzle solution

The third one is in the Foothills. You’ll find the chest in the woods, near the southern cliffs. When you do, you’ll see a pillar behind it. If you shoot the flaps, the rune on it will change. You need to shoot them until the correct rune (one from the chest) appears. The second pillar is down the hill and on the left. Continue going left and you’ll see the final one behind a road block, enveloped by smoke. Shoot the hanging canister to remove the smoke and see the rune, then shoot the flaps on the pillar to change it.

Alfheim runic chest puzzles

The next one we found was in Alfheim, in front of the temple. When you reach the door that won’t open, turn left and go down the stairs. You’ll see two bells with runes, and a blocked doorway on your right. Break down the barrier and you’ll see the chest at the end of the corridor, with the last bell above it. You need to shoot the three bells in quick succession, and the chest will open.

There’s another one in Alfheim, at the Lake of Light, which you’ll also find while looking for a way into the temple. The chest is up on a ledge, and the runes are all nearby, written on bells. You’ll need to shoot them quickly in order to solve the puzzle. When you climb up to the ledge, look through the hole in the fence and you’ll see two bells – one next to the chest, another farther away, above the stairs you took to get there. When you shoot them, turn around and hit the third one through the hole in the wall.

Fafnir’s Storeroom rune puzzle solution

The sixth horn is back in Midgard, at Fafnir’s Storeroom. It’s in front of the entrance to the hoard, between the trees. Once again, you’ll have to hit the bells to open it. Two of them are on the rocks behind the chest, and the third is atop the waterfall. Your best bet is to stand next to the chest and start with the farthest one.

The Mountain rune chest

The next one we found was in deep in the mines of Moria– I mean, The Mountain. The chest is in a dark chamber near the bridge. Shoot the light crystal next to it to reveal the runes written on the wall in blood. You’ll need to match the runes from the rotating pillars with those. The first pillar is in front of the room. If you turn right and follow the path a bit, you’ll find the second one as well. Drop down next to it and look up and to the left – that’s where the third pillar is.

Witch’s Cave rune chest puzzle

The eighth horn is in the Witch’s Cave in River Pass. When you reach the long wooden bridge, turn right and follow the path to the chest. To get the first rune, go back to the bridge, and head left into the tunnel leading to the well – the rune is embedded in the wall. Head back towards the chest. You’ll find the second rune on the underside of the bridge – it’s visible from the chest. To get the third rune, you’ll have to destroy the blockage to the left of the chest. You’ll find the red bomb on the left, after crossing an energy bridge. The rune will be on a ledge on the left, above the hidden chamber door.

Cliffs of The Raven rune chest solution

The last horn is in a rune chest at the Cliffs of The Raven, near the dead troll. You’ll need the Blades of Chaos here, in order to transfer the Winds of Hel energy to three pillars, which will activate the runes. After the water has receded, dock at the beach and follow the cliffs to the chest. Once you’ve opened up the gates and lowered all the chains, go to the cave with the yellow growth around the entrance. Grab the energy with the swords, then transfer it onto the orb above you, on the left. Climb the chain on your left and grab the energy again, jump across the gap, turn around and place it into the orb on the edge of the cliff.

From there, you can reach all three pillars without much issues. Once you transfer the energy onto the pillar, you’ll have to remove it after it shows the correct rune. Do this with all three, and the chest will open.