God of War Best Enchantments - How to Get Better Stats & Abilities

Enchantments are armour upgrades in God of War. All the better pieces of armor have a number of gem sockets in which you can slot various enchantments. When you do, they provide you with stat boosts, new abilities and more. You can have up to nine equipped – three per armor piece. Finding the most powerful ones will take time – there’s so many of them that, at times, it feels like the game is showering you with them. This guide will help you make the most of the situation by showing you the best enchantments in God of War, what they do and how to get them.

god of war best enchantments
God of War Best Enchantments – How to Get Better Stats & Abilities

Tyr’s Shard

Tyr’s Shard increases your luck by 10, and all your other stats by 6. You’ll get it if you complete all the quests for Waywards Spirits in Midgard.

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Scale of The Mighty

Scale of the Mighty gives +8 to vitality and runic, while also giving you a high chance of getting a burst of health and a strength boost when you’re low on health. It’s a reward for completing the Fire of Reginn favor.

Heart of The Valkyrie

This one increases runic, defence, vitality and cooldown by 8 each. Additionally, each hit has a low chance of activating the Protection of the Valkyrie buff, which gives 50% resistance to status effects and being staggered. You can get it from one of the Valkyrie bosses. We obtained it after killing Hildr, the one in Niflheim.

Eye of The Winged Chosen

Apart from giving you +13 cooldown, this enchantment will also grant you bursts of speed when evading, along with increased dodge distance. We got this one from a Valkyrie as well – this time, it was Eir, the one at The Mountain in Midgard.

Jagged Sign of Survival

The sign increases defence by 7 and vitality by 3, with a low chance of starting a rage burst when you get hit.

Ivaldi’s Corrupted Mind

Ivaldi’s Corrupted Mind gives Kratos +12 to defence, with an additional +6 to strength, runic and vitality. It also weakens all enemies withing a 15 metre radius. We got it as a drop after killing the Valkyrie Olrun, at the Lake of Light in Alfheim.

Heart of Vanaheim

While giving you only +4 to strength and cooldown, this gem has a moderate chance of boosting your runic, strength or defence each time you hit an enemy. We got it after we defeated the Valkyrie Geirdriful, in the Foothills area.

Eye of The Outer Realm

This one just gives you +7 to everything. It’s pretty straightforward. The enchantment is hidden away in a chest in the Secret Chamber of Odin, one of the seven hidden chambers.

Njord’s Temporal Stone

The stone increases cooldown by 12, as well as runic and luck by 6. It also has a low chance of slowing down enemies in the vicinity when you get hit. We obtained it after defeating the Valkyrie queen Sigrun, at the High Council.

Mark of The Element

You’ll get 10 runic when you equip this, and it’ll increase the rate at which you gain Immolation and Permafrost by 7%. The effect stacks up to 21%, which means there are more copies of it. We found one in a chest in the Konunsgard Stronghold, while solving the Hail to The King side quest.

Andvari’s Soul

Equipping this will increase your runic by 6 and cooldown by eight, while also giving you a high chance of getting a health burst with every runic attack kill. To obtain it, you’ll have to complete a favor called Deus Ex Malachite.

Muspelheim’s Eye of Power

This one increases your fire resistance by 20%, and you can stack up to three of them. It also gives you +10 to strength, defence and vitality. You can buy it from the dwarves’ shop in Muspelheim.

Stone of Frost Supremacy

This one will increase all ice damage you do by 25%, while giving you +5 runic. To get it, you’ll have to complete the Njord’s Oarsmen treasure map challenge. The description says the effects stacks up to 50%, which means there may be more than one of them.

Shard of The Elements

If you’re looking for protection, this one’s for you. It’ll give you +12% resistance to poison, fire, ice, blind and daze. It’ll also give you +5 vitality, and you can snatch it from a chest in Landsuther mines.

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  1. P

    Which Hidden Chamber of Odin has the coffin with the Eye of the Outer Realm?

    1. J

      It’s the one in the mission when you’re escaping Helheim. If you didn’t get it then you can’t come back for it

    2. L

      It’s not in a HIDDEN Chamber of Odin. It’s in the SECRET Chamber of Odin. There’s only one and you crash into it at the end of the Escape Helheim mission (the flying boat mission). To get the Enchantment DO NOT break the mirror seal after you land in the room. Go to the opposite side of the room from the mirror seal first. You’ll find a door you can open that leads to a chest containing the Enchantment. Once you get it you can then proceed through the mirror seal.

  2. T

    Yea you can

  3. N

    You don’t have to complete all the Wayward Spirit favors to get Tyr’s Shard, you only have to complete the favor for the reaver found inside Fafnir’s Storeroom.

    1. V

      Where is inscribed crest of consideration?

  4. M

    Where do I find Jagged Sign of Survival I search all over I’m try beat Sigrun it hard I’m keep die a lots I miss something I did got all armor and other etc of deadly mist and so I also put Tailman of talisman of the the realisms and don’t know what I’m put in socket please help thx

    1. D

      When fighting her, use the dwarves breastplate that prevents damage in runic: Obadiah hammer, hel touch, chaisvof fire and Aries of fire.. stay in runic

      1. B

        Why do people like you feel the need to respond and not answer the question just tell the guy where the dang stone is that’s all he wants to know

  5. L
    Lori Chamberlain

    the best enchantment is perfect mark of tyr + it is only acquirable in new game plus and gives 8 to all stats accept luck, which is given 15

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