God of War Njord's Oarsmen Treasure Map Location & Solution

Njord’s Oarsmen is one of many treasure maps in God of War. The God of War Njord’s Oarsmen treasure map is one of the better-hidden ones. The treasure that the map points to isn’t too far away, but you do have to explore to find it. The picture, as usual, is only so helpful; however, the real problem is to find the Njord’s Oarsmen map. If you can’t find it, here’s our guide on where to find Njord’s Oarsmen treasure map in God of War.

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God of War Njord's Oarsmen Treasure Map Location & Solution
God of War Njord’s Oarsmen Treasure Map Location & Solution

Where to Find Njord’s Oarsmen Treasure Map?

The Njord’s Oarsmen treasure map is hiding in the Northri’s Stronghold in Midgard, north and slightly to the west from the Lake of Nine. The entrance to Northri’s Stronghold, which you have to row through, is in the Ruins of the Ancient area of Midgard. When you row through, the game will tell you you’re in Northri Gorge. You might have to push through the game until the water levels of the lake drop low enough to row through the gate.

Keep rowing through a stone gateway, under a bridge, then through another gate, where you’ll enter a large cave, with a small dock with a Mystic Gate. From here, take a left into a tunnel. Keep rowing until you come across the prow of a Viking longship. Dock there and walk over to the ship’s hull. Smash the boards and go inside. The map is next to a corpse with a sword sticking out of it.

Njord’s Oarsmen Treasure Map Riddle Solution

The treasure of Njord’s Oarsmen is near The Mason’s Channel boat dock, northeast of the Temple of Tyr. Row back to the Lake of Nine and head to the dock. Climb up the cliff and follow the cave until you come across Sindri. Look to the right, and you’ll see another cliff wall you can climb. Turn right and head through the small opening. This will lead you to the giant statue of one of the oarsmen. The treasure is in a small dirt pile on the right.

The rewards you get for completing the Njord’s Oarsmen treasure map are a Stone of Frost Supremacy Legendary Enchantment, a Glacial Catalyst, twenty thousand Hacksilver, and ten World Serpent Scales.

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