God of War Halftime Event War on the Floor Behind-The-Scenes

A trailer, or “action vignette”, for God of War was played during the halftime of the game between the Warriors and Spurs. They projected the video on the court, using impressive, cutting-edge technology. The sequence from the video won’t be in the actual game, according to Cory Barlog. That said, it looks damned cool.

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God of War Halftime Event War on the Floor Behind-The-Scenes
God of War Halftime Event War on the Floor Behind-The-Scenes

A couple of days ago, God of War got a pretty impressive-looking publicity stunt. During the halftime show of the game between Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs, a God of War trailer played on the court. Yes, they used projectors to turn the court into a gigantic screen. The action sequence pits Kratos and Atreus against Draugr, HelWalkers, and an Ogre. You can check it out below; it looks pretty amazing. Sadly, the sequence won’t be appearing in the game, but boy, it sure does the job of selling the game.

The fact that the sequence is not from the game in no way means that the team behind this trailer didn’t do their damnedest to make it amazing. Cory Barlog, Creative Director at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio, recently posted on the PlayStation Blog, where he shed some light on the whole process.

The technology they used is called “projection mapping”. It uses “ultra-bright video projectors together with powerful media server engines to paint vivid imagery complete with sense of motion and depth directly onto large surfaces,” whatever those surfaces may be. Santa Monica Studio worked together with Platige Image over the course of months to create the “action vignette.” They went through storyboarding the whole sequence, and used mo-cap to capture the stunt performers from the actual game. That way, the characters moved just like they will in the full game, once it comes out on April 20th.

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