Kingdom Come Deliverance Playing With The Devil - Bad Trip Trophy

Playing With the Devil is one of the quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance. It involves investigating a group of women suspected of witchcraft, at the behest of the debauched priest. When you complete it, you’ll get the Bad Trip trophy. A number of players are confused about certain aspects of it, so we’ve decided to make a guide for the Kingdom Come Deliverance Playing with The Devil quest.

kingdom come deliverance playing with the devil bad trip trophy
Kingdom Come Deliverance Playing With The Devil – Bad Trip Trophy

It stars off with a bunch of conversations. The priest will point you towards the herbalist, who will, in turn, point you towards the villagers she sold a magic ointment to. After you warn the villagers, they’ll still want to go through with the ritual. You’ll end up just having to keep an eye on them.

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What to do with the mare, sow and chick?

You’ll have to follow them at a distance until they reach the ritual grounds. After a bit of spying, the game will ask you to step up and interrupt the chanting. As you do this, the women, now high on beladonna, will mistake you for Lucifer. They’ll start caressing your cheeks, rubbing the ointment all over your face in the process. Soon enough, you will be getting a taste of fear and loathing in medieval Bohemia too.

Thinking you’re the devil, the women will offer you sexual favors in exchange for the extinction of humankind. Lovely bunch, them there. If you accept, you’ll have to pick one of them to have relations with. Now comes the tricky part – when you do, the game won’t instruct you further. You will have to approach the mare, sow or chicken and lockpick them from behind. Yes. When you’re high out of your mind, sex is much like picking a lock stuffed deep into a pig’s colon.

You will be interrupted by a pair of woodcutters mistaking the deluded wannabe witches for actual witches. They’ll cut them down, and you’ll have to talk to the priest and the herbalist and tell them all about what happened. If you deal with the woodcutters before they slay all three women, you’ll have to rest there by the fire. Once you’re up, the women will be dead, and you’ll be able to complete the quest.

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  1. D

    It’s not really that important, but the witches are asking for the death of all CUMANS, not the death of all humankind…

  2. A

    Another terrible quest and it uses the broken lockpicking system, I’ll be skipping this one. I started it. So far only about a third of the quests work like they should.

    1. T
      Travis J Crincoli

      the lockpicking system isnt broken, you just dont know how to do it. Look up a video tutorial. its easy as hell once you watch the video. Ive been picking very hard locks everywhere. My skill level is 14 already.

    2. L
      Lockpicking is easy

      Lockpicking is easy dude

    3. E

      Don’t know what you are talking about. I’ve been playing a pretty straight edge Henry so its only like the 3rd lock I’ve picked in my whole playthrough but it worked just fine. In regards to other quests, I only ever ran into one bug with the ginger quest but that was fixed the next morning.

    4. S

      Lock picking isn’t broken, I’ve had zero issues with any lock in the game, and I’m already on my second playthrough. Keep practicing, it actually becomes second nature once you get the hang of it.

  3. T
    Travis J Crincoli

    they said all Cumans, not all Humans.

    They dont die either. If you kill the 2 enemies, the 3 “witches” are gone when you wake up.

  4. M

    This quest is bugged for me, I have most of the lock picking skills, most of the several stealth skills,and one skill in hunting that allows the player to be more stealthier.
    I can pick the locks but nothing happens, no one appears for me to fight, I have tried several times.
    So I guess I’ll have to skip this one for another play through

  5. L
    Lord Satan

    Its Cumans, not humans…you dotard.
    Cumans..the invaders of their land

  6. A
    Alpha 11b

    love how after he does the waiting he just teleports to the location down the road…. when i wait at the same time as the video.. no broads come out. run to the fire in the woods no broads… i need a video that shows me where to stand and what time to wait to catch these ladies

  7. C
    Christ van Silfhout

    Worked for me, except for telling the herb lady what happened. Guess i don’t have to tell her then….

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