God of War Niflheim Cipher Locations - How to unlock Trilingual Trophy

Niflheim cipher pieces are collectibles in God of War. There are only four of them in the game, but once you’ve found them all, you’ll gain access to the realm of fog. You’ll find them in silver chests with purple gems, and a mask over the lock. When you interact with them, the kid with break the mask with a knife, allowing you to open the chest. Along with Muspelheim ciphers, they count towards unlocking the Trilingual trophy. If you’re having trouble finding them, you’ll be happy to hear we’re going to list all God of War Niflheim cipher locations in this guide.

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god of war niflheim cipher locations trilingual trophy
God of War Niflheim Cipher Locations – How to unlock Trilingual Trophy

Where to find Niflheim ciphers?

We found the first cipher piece near the Lookout Tower dock, in the south of the Lake of Nine. It was on the part of the beach that’s accessible once the water recedes. As soon as you step on the sand, turn right and you’ll see the chest next to the cliff.

The second one was at the Ruins of the Ancient, in the north of the lake. After you’ve defeated the Soul Devourer mini boss, look for the chest next to a pillar by the cliff.

There’s another chest at the lake, and it’s at the beach below Alfheim Tower, in the northeastern corner of the lake. When you climb up to the plateau, you’ll see a yellow rock on the right. Get up on the ledge on the left, and look down at the rock – you’ll see two red crystals. Use them to blow up the rock, then go past it. You’ll find the chest in an alcove at the end of the path.

The last piece of ciphers is in The Summit, the area at the top of The Mountain. It’s pretty hard to miss – as soon as you open the massive wooden doors next to Sindri’s shop and step out into the snow, you should notice it on the right.

Once you’re in the realm of fog, keep your eyes peeled for rare resources. There’s quite a few of them there, but the most important ones are the Niflheim Alloy, Aesirbane & Haze Weave. You’ll use those to get some pretty great gear.